How to build my Krieg?

Hi guys!
So I decided to take Krieg as my new charactar for going back in the game(haven’t played for more than a year).
Wanted to ask for a starter build, what to spec on skill tree.
I want non melee play style, so refer to that.


The Bloodlust tree, with maybe a dash of Hellborn. Check out the DPS builds listed here to see where you can end up on non-melee builds. 1 point in “Pull the Pin” because, at least in NVHM/TVHM, it’s hilarious to take your nemesis with you.

Paging @Krieg_Krazy again


I would recommend started with the middle tree for survivability while figuring out your play style with him. His action skill can be a little rough at first, but if you want to stick with melee, once you get the capstone (Release the Beast), all will be well.

I sent you a PM earlier tho.

How comes I never see these posts?

You should get a notification if anyone either quotes you, replies to you, or mentions your forum name. New notifications are indicated by a count on your avatar (top-right). If you’re not seeing those notifications, check your preferences settings.

I know, I mean that some topics don’t show up in new topics section.

Ah, yes - seen that happen too. I’m not sure how that one works, tbh, as I’ve missed new threads in categories I’m interested in. You can always periodically check the “Latest” tab instead. I might try playing with the “Watched” category in preferences as well.

Ok, tell me how it goes.


Second, if you don’t want to go melee, focus first in Bloodlust.
But you should spec into Feed the Meat first, more health.

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What was the problem with the little tutorial I gave?

I should of writ in a bit more detail perhaps.

There may be people with the same questions. Don’t make it private my friend, the stuff that you probably had sent him could have been useful to someone else.

Low level K build (lv30), should work fine.

If you actually knew the project I’m starting, you’d understand why it was a PM. Also, he PM’d me, I answered.

I’d wager it had something to do with his desire to do so.

Off the top of my head though;

  1. It may assist others.
  2. You may not have a monopoly on Krieg knowledge.
  3. All feedback is appreciated.
  4. People enjoy contributing to a community.
  5. He may have already wished to do so.

That isn’t really welcoming of a poster who is new to contributing to the community, especially considering you compelled him to try out Krieg in the first place.

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You sound kind of rude man, and he PM’d me, so obviously he wanted me to tell him

It’s obviously cool with me tho, I was just wondering, you gave fair points.

And I’m working on a project that will help everyone with leveling K.

And I’m not saying I’m the only one that knows sh*t about K.

It’s intent wasn’t meant to be rude, I believe that you may have perceived it as such since it was critical of the method in which you welcomed a new user.

It was solely a critique of the method in which you handled a new poster, as it is solely up to the mods/admins as to what content should or shouldn’t be posted.

The following;

Can be perceived to be rude, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt.

Good luck on your Krieg project.


Yeah, I might of done actually.

I was MOST DEFINITELY NOT RUDE, I was just felt like what I said to him didn’t help him, that’s all.
Basically I expected a reply back telling me my plan didn’t work or whatever, I did phrase VERY wrong tho…

Thank you, it’s gone be good (hopefully)

I can see where the confusion could come in, but almost all of that content is lost on other users who may end up viewing this place us unfriendly to new posters.

You could’ve PMed him in order to clarify. But that is just for future reference.

It really isn’t a big issue, just avoid doing the like in the future.


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