How to build Nisha?

I’ve been running Athena mainly, and want to run Nisha for some change of pace. However, I don’t know how to build her. I look at her skill trees, and they all seem useful. Law and Order is apparently needed to keep her alive in higher difficulties, Fan the Hammer has One for Each of Ya, which I find interesting enough to want to at least give a try, and Riflewoman has things like Tombstone, which is just amazing. I don’t know what to do, or what tree to start down first. Can anyone give me any advice?

And since it will probably make a difference, I am tossing around the idea of going with a Pistoleer playstyle. Not sure I’d be using the Pistoleer COM, but I kind of want to use Pistols as my primary weapon type. Not sure if that is viable, or if that is what I will end up doing, but it’s what I’m currently considering.

Have a look at the Toy box build… The skill placement is almost an universal one. Just take a point from high noon and put it into OFEOY and you’re pretty much set.

If no one else has, I’ll give you a more detailed answers when I get home to my PC. Typing on a phone sucks.

You can do whatever you want in normal mode. If you’re curious about OFEOY, spec into it! And it’s always worth throwing a point into Order, regardless of build. I went down the riflewoman tree, then law-n-order, no complaints. Got the survival skills right when the difficulty ramped up.

Unfortunately, your Toy Box build needs more than one point moved to get One for Each of Ya. Also, what tree do you recommend first? The max level build is nice, but I’m starting the character from scratch, so I can’t just make the build as-is and run with it. I’m kind of enclosed to go with Law and Order first, just to have some survivability online when going into TVHM, but I’m not sure.

The image is of the level 60 version, haven’t changed it yet, but the skill calc link should have both Hell’s and high noon maxed, so one point should be enough.

As for what tree to go to first. Get order first. Best single point skill at this point.
Move to riflewoman and pick grit, quick shot, and the 2 one pointers in the middle. Move back to L&O and get the 11 points worth of skills you need to get most middle skills. Move back to riflewoman. Get points in either unchained, crack shot or hot lead depending on your gear.
Next is trick shot and tombstone, then unforgiven.
After that, fill FTH.

If you want to go pistols from the start, still pick order first, then ruthless. Then mag6 or bottled courage, depending on your gear.

Then saddle up, short fused and either FNU or if you already have mag6, you should be able to pick He’lls directly. Now pick OFEOY. Move to L&O and complete the 12 point standard.

Move to riflewoman and pick grit and quick shot, the 2 middle skills and complete with snap shot. ( dual pistols means mostly hip shooting) crack shot, hot lead or unchained enough to reach trick shot and tombstone, then unforgiven. If you have points left, high noon is good.

Good COMS are six-shooter if Jakobs, or desperado or Sheriff if not.

If you go pistols, ALWAYS favor slow and powerful vs quick: you WILL have ammo issues otherwise.
I suggest Jakobs and Torgue. Maliwan and Scav aren’t too bad. Avoid Vladof like the plague, unless you enjoy running out of ammo within 2 minutes. Nisha gets CRAZY fast with pistols anyway, so don’t worry about a slow fire rate, worry instead about maximizing each bullet’s effect.

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That’s far more in-depth than I expected. Thanks. I appreciate it. The plan is to use Pistols from the start, and I tend to prefer Jakobs to Torgue. I’m not a fan of the lower projectile speed. And before you say anything, I am aware of the Cryo + Explosive synergy; I’m just not a fan of Torgue weapons. Personal preference.

Also, I checked the link in your Toybox build. It is still for level 60. Figured you might want to know.

Thanks for the heads up, I’ll correct that later today, in the meantime, I’m pretty sure that I at least posted that skill tree in the thread, look at some of the latest replies, it’s GOT to be there at least :smile:

Don’t worry about what people think when it comes to gear choice. Jakobs builds have a great trick up their sleeves that almost match Torgue/cryo.
If you play mostly Jakobs pistols, you should take special care to aim for crits as much as possible and increase your crit bonus as well. Jakobs guns have a special crit modifier that make most other crit bonus even better. And it’s accounted for twice when you have 2 pistols. Crits are key.

Is that crit bonus with two pistols counted twice only when hip-firing, or can you ADS and still get the bonus crit?

Actually I don’t know. Now that we have a dummy it should be very easy to find out :slight_smile:

I found the dual pistol capstone blah. The off hand fires wheneva with a jacobs pistol. It would have been more interesting if she shot two different enemies (like most stills of her) while hip firing and ads made her focus fire on one enemy.

With Jakobs pistols it essentially means double the mag size and half the reload times or less (if the guns are not synchronized, it means pretty much no reload time as you can fire one while the other is being reloaded) and with auto pistols it means double the fire rate and double the mag size…for a single point.

It also means Mag6 and crack shot are twice as useful, it doubles any luneshine bonus and all crit bonus from your guns.

It’s a VERY good skill.

… and double melee bonus when using bladed guns, and left hand gun shots doesn’t cause any accuracy loss . Benefits over benefits

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I got Order first, after that, its your preference. I invested more in Law&Order as i was hitting TVHM, at level 30.
I found it to be the best way to go at it.

still i feel more deadly without it. i like guns that fire when i need them to.

I don’t understand what you mean. I never had a bug with guns not firing with OFEOY…


The left or right gun will fire on a trigger pull. They don’t do it unison or in alternation, one will for a couple rounds, then the other. Fire rate is the same for that reason. This doesn’t sit well with me. It doesn’t feel slick.

Yeah, so ?

I still don’t get why you would think it’s BETTER to not have it…

You get a bullet out every time you pull the trigger, doesn’t matter what gun it’s from, it’s random, so that doesn’t change.

What does is:
twice the mag size,
almost no reload time,
twice the crit bonus,
no recoil on half the shots,
twice the bonus from Mag6,
twice the bonus from crack shot…

Of course it’s less of a good deal with Jakobs than it is with auto pistols (where you also get twice the fire rate) but it’s still 100% positive, and a lot of goodies for a single point.

I’m not trying to start an argument with you here, i’m just genuinely puzzled.
You say that sometimes the off-hand gun will not fire, yet later you admit that you get a bullet out every time you pull the trigger. Then you say that the guns will not alternate evenly between shots, and that is why fire rate remains the same… yet you say that you get a bullet out after each trigger pull… which would also mean the same fire rate, no matter if the gun picked is random or alternated …So what did you mean ?

You might not like how it LOOKS or FEELS, but mathematically speaking, it’s a very good skill.

You know, it surprised me to learn that the Off-hand weapon with One for Each of Ya isn’t controlled with the left trigger. I don’t know why; the skill’s description talks about ADSing, so it shouldn’t be a surprise at all.

Anyway, I just finished up the story in Pity’s Fall, and the side mission there. My primary weapon is the best Jakobs pistol I can find. I also have a Hyperion pistol for FFYL (technically, a Launcher would be better, but I like to break the mold). Grenade mod is a Tesla; I’d prefer a Cryo, but at the range I’m usually at, I need a longbow delivery system, and I haven’t gotten one. And since I’m on the XB1, the ammo vendors are bugged and don’t have Oz kits or grenade mods other than the Item of the Day.

For the COM, I’m using Desparado. I considered The Six Shooter, but decided against it because I’m only using pistols. If I was also using Shotguns and Sniper Rifles, I probably would be using it. I also discarded the Cowgirl COM; more rounds in the mag means fewer benefit from Magnificent 6. I’m not planning on using it come endgame, but for leveling, it’s solid.

The rest is pretty basic: Adaptive shields and the Support Relay Oz kit. Nothing special there.

Oh, and once I get enough points, I’ll do some testing on the Crit bonus of One for Each of Ya. I won’t know how to interpret the results, but I’ll at least post the numbers I get so someone more knowledgeable than I can interpret them.

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The only thing we don’t know yet is: do we still get double the crit bonus when you ADS ?
Easy to interpret: shoot the dummy in the head from the hip, then shoot him in the head while ADS. If both numbers are equal, it means you retain the bonus while ADS, if not, it means you lose it. (All other factors being equal of course) :smile: