How to Calculate Bonus's to get final numbers?

I wonder if anyeon can explain, as if to a simpleton, how the calculations work

we have for Example, May, with Reaper, The Lascaux, an SMG Relic and a CAT COM and maybe a Bee Shield

Weapon Damage+Relic+CAT COM+Reaper+Bee Shield+BAR

Or Axton with a Tediore Fast Shield, Preparation, Willing

Shield Capacity+Preparation+BAR
Shield Recharge Delay+Willing+BAR
Shield Recharge Rate+Willing+BAR

So lets give stuff the following Numbers

Weapon Damage 40,000
Relic +25% SMG Damage
CAT COM +30% Damage
Reaper +40% Damage (over 50% health)
Bee Shield +10,000 Damage
BAR +10.5% Weapon Damage

Shield Capacity 50,000
Shield Recharge Delay 5 Seconds
Shield Recharge Rate 1000
Preparation +15% Capacity
Willing +75% Recharge Rate
Willing -60% Recharge Delay
BAR +10.5% for all 3

How do you work out final numbers? Do we have the equations anywhere as I would like to take the gear I have and calculate it all for myself.


Maybe you should look over here :


Thank You

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You’re welcome ! :smile:

I might be missing something, but I do not see anywhere in that calculation, where BAR is added, would BAR Gun damage add in at Normal Hit Stage, or at Special Mults stage?

And as far as shield recharge delay etc, do Recharge Delay bonus’ add together, the multiply by the current recharge delay, or do you multiply them together, then multiply that on the recharge delay?

See I am currently running a Purple Tedior Fast Shield, 40K+ Capacity, 50K+ Recharge Speed (or something close) and a Recharge Delay of 1.25 seconds, and I want to find out its true speed with a BAR of 10.8% and currently, only 1 point in Ward (-8% Recharge Delay)

This is only at level 58 right now, so I am hoping, if I ever get to OP8, I can find a “Super Fast” shield, and maybe get it as close to 0 Recharge delay as possible.

BAR gun damage should go in gun damage under normalhit, crit damage should go under type A, and grenade damage should go under…grenade damage. All additive.

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They are adding each other in this way :
Recharge Delay = Base Delay / (1+ bonus A + bonus B + bonus C…)

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Okay, cool thanks @Wingsday

So BAR of 10.8% and Shield Recharge Delay Reductions of 8% equates to 18.8%, and 18.8% from 1.25 seconds is 0.235 seconds reduction or a final delay of 1.015 Seconds, going down to 0.615 Seconds with 5 points in Ward

Thanks again