How to change back from NAT:Moderate to NAT:Open

So I had a pop up in Battleborn ask me if I wanted to change from NAT: Moderate to NAT:Open and I said yes

but now I want to change back to NAT: Open so does anyone know how to do this?

I’m confused, NAT open is what you want or no? Your wording makes it seem like you chose it and want to choose it again. I can’t help either way but I expect this to come up

I want to change from NAT: Moderate -> NAT: Open

The game somehow changed my NAT status from NAT: Open -> NAT: Moderate, it sent me to a link to change it back but the link didn’t work

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Interesting… afaik the NAT status depends on your router and ps4 settings, I’ve never seen a game asking me to change it o.O

If you are talking about your router to your PC …Don’t do this for a game.
Your router is offering best protection and in the PC it will have moderate protection.
Or do you want to do this for an Xbox?

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