How to change shift account in borderlands 2 from one to another

so I got borderlands handsome collection for free on epic, but before that I bought the game of the year edition on steam. I go into the epic one to try to log on to my shift account in it so I can get the dlc on my steam. I do the sign in with the same email and password I used for my steam bordelrands 2 but it makes an entirely new shift account and I don’t have all my progress that I had on steam. anyway to change a shift account from on to another on borderlands 2 ?

I’m not sure what you mean by progress here? SHIFT originally was just (from the user’s perspective) for unlocking keys and promo items like heads and skins. It’s now being used for match-making on PC, but that’s it. It doesn’t have anything to do with your save files, missions or challenges completed, or achievements.

Also, I think what you should have done is linked you existing SHIFT account to Epic via (not 100% ib that). However, it sounds like both platforms are linked to the same account which you can check on that site.

If not, contact shift support through a support ticket - make sure you use SHIFT as the game/issue so it goes to the right people.

One final note: Epic still TTBOMK does not have achievements. Even if it did, however, ones unlocked on Steam would not carry over to Epic.

thank you for responding, just to verify, this means that even if I have the same shift account on my epic games as the one on my steam account, I will still have different characters and have to do all the grinding again ?

Basically, sort of. If you look inside your Borderlands 3 folders you’ll see two sets of save files - one in a folder associated with your Steam ID and one with your Epic ID.

If you do want to use the same existing saves from one game in another you will have to manually copy them over. If you do this, make sure you also copy the profile.sav (I think that’s what it’s called on BL3) as well, since this contains all your cosmetic items and keys.

Note that files copied from Epic to Steam in this way will not unlock achievements for conditions already met by those characters (level, game completion, etc.)

I don’t have borderlands 3, im talking about borderlands 2. Will this still work for borderlands 2 ? and thank you for still responding to this thread.

I think it should do? You should be fine if you just make sure to keep all the original files safe somewhere. Same comment about the master profile save file though - you don’t want to lose that!