How to channel your inner Torgue Fiesta

I have become one with the BOOM! My predictions are 99% accurate. @ACNAero has witnessed by all knowningness of the grand Fiesta of ALL EXPLOSION! AT ONE WITH THE MIRV!

So, how do one trigger Torgue Fiesta so much? The answer: The situation must be as trolly as possible! Higher chance of trolling = Higher chance of a Fiesta!

Also, the answer to all problems must be Torgue Fiesta. A dire situation approaches, enemies from all angles. You announce over the mic “I KNOW WHAT WILL SOLVE THIS, GO TORGUE FIESTA!”. It happens.

Your friend ninja loots all the things. Declare that they shall feel the wrath of the FIESTA! It happens! THEN CHASE THEM DOWN IN GLORIOUS MIRV FORM!

Your close to killing a main boss. You declare, I KNOW WHAT WILL FINISH THEM OFF. Torgue. Fiesta. Happens.

A major plot event happens. Roland, Lilith and Jack are about to Fast Travel to Helios. Yell “I WILL SAVE THE BORDERLANDS AND KILL JACK NOW!” Torgue. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Fiesta.

You talk about Jack in his main office. Friend shoots him in the face yelling DIE DIE DIE. You declare “I KNOW WHAT WILL KILL HIM BETTER”. You know what happens next.

Friend challanges you to a duel. Yell “YOU ARE NO MATCH FOR TORGUE FIESTA” … No Fiesta :frowning:

AAAh crap forgot the best one. You just put a point into Torgue festa and right after friend asks when the Torgue Fiesta trolling starts. Hit the .EXE; it happens!

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Torgue Fiesta is glorious victory! (And much self-inflicted damage…)

Still not as good as taking out the Sentinel with Pirate Ship (which has gotten even better since I got a widescreen TV instead of the old 4:3 monster.)

You know, for all the Fiesta trolling, it all evens out since you glitched into Felicity and became her ballsack xD

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Don’t forget about Torgue Fiesta’s evil cousin, the Clap-In-A-Box! That one only activates when there are no enemies around and you try to restore your health with your AS!

I will destroy the Sentinel with Torgue Fiesta, along with myself and my allies! It will be glooooooooooooriooouusss!

Clap in a Box is so selfish! How can you share the love of explosions when its only yourself that blows up!

To be fair, you said when we started that you were planning to try and kill me as much as possible with that skill xD

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