How to choose redemption platform (Shift / VIP Codes)?

Hey folks,

I am just returning from Day 2 on Gamescom and played BL3 there today (great game btw!).
Got a diamond VIP code which I redeemed on after creating an account and linking it to my Xbox account.

I will be playing on Xbox, that’s where I pre ordered after todays great experience. I also redeemed some other reward codes I found at Gamescom and online and claimed some other rewards for those points. However, I was never asked on which platform I’d like to redeem those rewards.

Will it be available on all platforms or do I have to choose my platform at some point?

Thanks in advance for any pointers on this, I hope there isn’t a platform setting hidden somewhere in the profile (in that case I guess I am screwed big time, in case it is not set to Xbox).

As far as i understand it if you linked your xbox then that’s the platform you’ll get your rewards on.

i thought the same thing, when i go to the shift site.
-----go to profile, the gear tab for settings at the top, then at the bottom underneath linked platforms, click edit shift profile------
then go to rewards. it should show you the consoles it was redeemed for. for me it unlocked in all platforms

i to was in a panic when i read that in the program info section. they should change it