How to complete Oscar Mikes lore in less than 4 hours!

I’m just going to leave this link here that explains everything I did to complete Oscar’s lore in around 3 hours 40 minutes. If you have any questions feel free to fire away!

Good job. Though, I’m always confused when people deliberately spend a bunch of time completing challenges that you would eventually get just by playing.

At any rate, helpful vid. Why did you have him spinning, though? Does just firing not work?

Just try it sometimes even if a trigger is held in the screen will still like dim and then you will stop performing the firing action.

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huh. I guess it was a preliminary attempt to stop people from cheesing the lore challenge, lol.

Maybe but its been known on a lot of game that if you have a button mashed in for a long time that it will eventually go idle, maybe something on microsofts end kind of like holding a key on your keyboard to long.