How to consistently beat Terra? (With Krieg and Gaige?)

So my friend and I just beat Terra out of sheer pure luck…I hit one of his tentacles and manage to do a good bloodsplosion leaving him with a inch of health. I’m using Krieg of course and my friend is using Gaige. I’m always switching between Melee Krieg or Hellborn Krieg while my friend…refuses to use items I farmed for him lol. (I worked so hard to get him the Legendary Catalyst :frowning: we be super powerful if he just used it!)

So considering that was just pure luck, how can we consistently beat him? (UVHM btw.)

Bloodsploding Terra is, afaik, the only way for Krieg to get an instakill on Terra. It’s not a guaranteed method, and it can be challenging to stay alive until the masher tentacles appear. I’ve only tried it myself a few times, with various results. I prefer to make the most of Krieg’s massive burn damage instead. My build would be based on these skills. The remaining points is up to you. Combine it with a Flame of the Firehawk and a good fire weapon, and you’re all set.

As I write this, I’m not sure if Elemetal Empathy is enough to keep your health up, (haven’t done it in a while) so bring a Moxxi gun just to be on the safe side.

If your friend also has a FotFH, and specs in “Sharing is Caring”, you can get three novas going at the same time.

Is your friend using a Fibber by any chance, especially one with the Redundant prefix and ricochet effect? A fire version would be great of course but even a NE one would suffice. Since you’re playing Krieg I’m guessing you’re right in the thick of things while your friend stays behind Pride Rock with a Bee equipped? Tell him to stop being so stubborn- he can always pay you back by farming something you haven’t had any luck in getting yet (for me that would be the Twister for Gaige and the Hide of Terra for Krieg). @Ronnie_Rayburn: I’m having a go at Terra as well with Krieg- main weapons are shotguns, Omens and Butchers for the most part along with a Hellfire and either fire or shock Pimpernel. What would you think about this build? I’m using a RR now but I do have a FotF:

I would go for a Hellfire or a PC, and I would adjust the build to look more like this. The reason for this is the skill Blood Bath. It will give you an insane damage output with a Blood Blister COM. Hellfire and PC’s can proc Blood Bath. FotFH will also proc it.

A Torch COM will give you a lot more burn damage, but this burn damage will also apply on you, and it can put you in FFYL.

I have a couple of issues with your build. You’ve speced in RtB, but you’ve skipped Empty the Rage, StV, Taste of Blood, Buzz Axe Bombardier, Boiling Blood and Bloodsplosion. All the skills that make RtB awesome. No need for RtB in this case.

You’ll also only need one point in Thrill of the Kill.

OK thanks- I was mainly thinking of using RtB for healing…

Finally had time to reply to this…

Alright so this is my two Krieg builds, I every so often switch between these two depending #1 my mood and #2 If the first build isn’t working against this type of raid boss

Melee Krieg

Hellborn Krieg

I use both the L-Sickle and the L-Torch

My friend…he sometimes switches his build but not all the time. He’s been using L-Mecho for a long ass time and only switches it when he finds a better one. This is his build

He uses alot of weird weapons , Jacobs pistol/shotgun and slagga smg (which isn’t bad tbh) and a 72 moxxi’s good touch.

I suspected as much! :slightly_smiling: Bring a Rubi/Grog along with the FotFH, and you’ll be ace!

@Cody2Hottie: Your builds look OK! I’d make a few minor adjustments myself, but that’s just me. Hack’n’Slash, and then a nice barbecue!

Jakobs guns are really nice most of the time. Because of their small mags, you empty your mag often. Gaige gets Anarchy stacks when she empties her mag in combat. Smash the system!

Aside from not using Discord your friend’s build is all right. If he’s worried about prematurely reloading all he needs is a Jakobs coach shotgun- Smaller, Lighter, Faster will take that 2 round mag down to 1, which means if he uses it as his default gun he’s never going to accidentally reload. As it is now one wrong reload and he burns all his stacks- not good…

The reason for no Discord is cause he feels like that’s not how Gaige should be played as…He feels she should always never reload for anything and when she does it should be paid with a huge cost not rewarded.