How to counter Boldur? (Thread be done)

Boldur just got bumped to the top of my “most hated” and “most OP” list. He surpassed Orendi and Galilea, which I thought was impossible.

Let’s look at his kit:

-Nearly 700 damage on Axe Toss
-700+ damage on Boldurdash
-Very high damage reduction
-Full body shield that can, with one helix, block 2000 damage and let him run at full speed with it
-Very high melee damage, “slow” melee attack speed that doesn’t even matter now because Beatrix and Ernest can buff him, and if he brings attack speed and procs Rage, that drawback doesn’t even exist anymore
-Very high health
-Annoyingly, screams like all the time
-Good health regen
-one helix augment gives him an extra 240 bleed damage on Axe Toss
-High movespeed

So how do I counter him? He may be a complex or difficult character to get the hang of (not really, I got the gist of him within an hour of playing him), but that doesn’t excuse that an average Boldur can still wreck easily, and a good or above average Boldur is straight broken.


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You pick phoebe since they are both uncounter-able characters. :slight_smile: I kid I kid, just a fan of your threads. Any type of characters with CC so you can chain it together

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Is this a thread from half a year ago? oh wait, its a post from half an hour ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Shane and Galilea both stun him long enough to beat him to a pulp, but he might still escape. :wink:

What took you so long to realize Boldur is extremely strong? I don’t blame you though. I didn’t know how strong Boldur is until he was my main. The same happened to me with Rath. The reason is because there are very few players out there that play these 2 characters very well to notice.

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Well… I’ve been told that my stun mines do a pretty good job of shutting down Boldur and Galilea… So, i guess I’M a good counter to him!

Nevermind, i’m awful… :disappointed:


Silly Toby, Cc is the counter to every character in Battleborn.


Not me… All you need is a ranged weapon…

Audible sigh… :cry:


Was just Boldur on a Bots match against two Alani, they were killing me instant.

But seriously.

Thats with bleed helix and ultimate. Thats his ultimate. Think of it as two skills combined.

All shields are fully body shields (front wise)

Still exists, he has VERY low melee damage, so low that boldurs dont even run attack damage/speed anymore since the Axe Mastery nerf. You cant include outside influences like beatrix and ernest, who can buff Phoebe/Attikus/ el dragon to have FAR stronger results.

Average health. for a tank. 1700~. Doesnt get a boost until 9. And dont say its ‘more’ because of DR. You already listed DR as a perk.


And then he taught Thorn to do the same thing.


Are you saying Boldur’s anger is ALSO all-natural?


I’ve known he was strong and broken for a while, he’s been in my top 4 hated list for quite some time, but last night made him take the top spot.

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Dude raised his granddaughter in the “yell violently to distract them from your stupidity” school of parenting. I suspect she’s more traumatized than anything.

just imagine li’l babby Thorn, tugging on Boldur’s filthy rancid beard: “Gwampy Bowlur, me thirsty”

And then he just screams in her face

Like fifteen seconds of it, an unbroken foul-breathed sustained howl of idiocy that drowns out her sobs

And then he laughs, because of course he does. Man I hate that guy.

  1. But everyone takes the bleed helix, and even without his ultimate it still does a ton of damage. Most Boldurs now save their axe toss for when they can use it with Runes of Power.

  2. Okay. And? That was more an adjective. Even ISIC’s full-body shield isn’t that bad because he’s such a large shape.

  3. Very low – ha ha ha, riiiiiiiight. 160+ per hit is low, got it. Also, good cherrypicking there, leaving out Rage and attack speed gear. Even without Beatrix and Ernest his attack speed is manageable. And attack speed making El Dragon have better results? Hah. Right. Attikus sure, but he’s 3 times the size of Boldur, and Phoebe is… no, she’s broke too.

  4. But his damage reduction is so high – it’s not 10% or whatever – that it compensates for 1700 health. You can still easily go above 3100 late game. Which is plenty of health to go along with, like I said, that health regen and dr…



True of a lot of Helix’s, game problem not boldur. Eh, its comparable, look at Bola’s or Flashbang… tanks, supports, skirmishers, all got damage on skills like these. Axetoss is a skill that NEEDS a helix. Most people just throw the axe away ASAP for the move speed.

He hits slow, his actual DPS is low, his full combo even lowers his DPS, so quick-shield spam is how most play now. Its not cherrypicking, thats just the boldur meta. Burst damage/survivability. Ever since the nerf to Axe Mastery and buff to burst damage, dont see attack dmg/atk speed on boldur so much.
I’m just saying that attack speed buffs work better on characters that deal a lot of attack damage in the first place. Boldur meta is burst damage over sustained.

yeaah on helix and rage, you can tell when hes got it on, focus him when he doesnt and he dies fast. Some things you cant just compare, like the value of a smaller crit spot, or shields and shield regen helping you vs poke, vs sheer DR.
Boldur gets most of his real HP from a helix but it resets on death, so once he goes down he often stays down.

Not saying hes bad, hes worth the hate, hes definitely top tier. Just keep it realistic :smiley: no matter how good boldur is, you’ll always see more gali/orendi

Play Mellka, use venom, bounce around him. Easy. It was so easy they had too nerf her.

Or use Pendals. Use Smoke bomb to initiate, and then injection.

The Boldur will die from this terrible play.

He’s just kind of one of those characters that are generally going to need CC to counter them. A good Boldur usually has a good team backing him up, so you’re going to need one too.

Ghalt is excellent against Boldur, paired with Shayne, Boldur is not that safe behind his shield anymore…
Beatrix has a ranged silence that can easily interrupt Boldurs skills, most notably, his dash. Boldur also can’t block her DOT or Double Dose.
Thorn’s also decent, as well as Alani. Thorns bleed also can’t be blocked and she can aim her ult behind Boldurs shield, she also has very good mobility. Alani is just a really versatile character, with the slow and movement speed she has she can even try to outrun boldur, but most importantly, her CC pairs well with others, and ensures that his small model isn’t blocked by minions. (Bubble a hiding Boldur, Ghalt pulls the bubble? Bubble a pulled Boldur? Bubble Boldur?)

I don’t play that much Boldur though, I’m mostly thinking about this in the general what’s a threat to me when I frontline, which is generally not a role I enjoy or spend a lot of time playing,so feel free to correct me :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also thinking mostly about Incursion since I don’t even remember when was the last time I played Boldur on Meltdown. As said, not my most played character at all.

Deande uses Blinkstorm and Whiskey unloads an Overdrive clip into his face while he’s stunned. Works every time.

But seriously, to take down a good Boldur you need several people to focus him down with hard CC and high damage output. There isn’t one character that really counters him.