How to counter Phoebe?

Aside from a truckload of CC (given how that can shut nearly anybody down)?

I think Phoebe is an incredibly strong character (mainly since every helix choice is viable) with fun design but my god a good one can absolutely destroy you. I think the combination of her melee range, stick power, and attack speed is what gets me. But before I rant about her, I’d like to know who can counter her.

Another Phoebe.

Nah, in a 1-on-1 Phoebe is extremely deadly, at higher levels with the right helix choices she can punch through even Kleese’s shock taser damage. Caldarius, Mellka and Benedict can give her a lot of grief with their mobility, if she gets the drop on Caldy he’s toast when he’s slowed but Mellka and Benedict can still escape and Benedict has a pretty good chance of fighting back. Attikus has the health pool to beat her 1-on-1, especially with his level 3, 5 and 7 helixes. Montana can cause her some trouble too as he can slow her and at point blank range his DPS can chew through her, assuming you can hit her that is. More often than not though a good Phoebe will win the brawl, if you’re out on your own and she isolates you you’re as good as dead, even a good Galilea can have a hard time brawling with an experienced Phoebe. Her job is to kill everyone, and few do it so effectively.


Aside from the usual caveats of saving your cc, harassing her out of lane early on so you can outlevel her, etc …i’ve had success against her with Rath and Orendi. With Orendi you have to nullify / qm to get away at the right time and keep leading her in to pillars. With Rath you have to accept that to kill her you’re going to have to trade 1 for 1. I need to use them more to get a handle on how they play but i know Caldarius and Mellka have enough mobility / escape potential to dance with her so to speak

I guess the question is are you having more issues getting her off you, or actually hitting her when she’s close to you

The issue is more getting her off me, yes. As soon as she phasegates in (particularly with the slow), I start having problems. Then her evasive maneuvers and helixes let her escape just as smoothly as she engaged.

Orendi is a character I shy away from because of how powerful she is. She used to be my favorite, till I realized how broke I was playing as her…

Nothing counters science :cry:


How Kleese was for about 5 months.

Snipers work very well against her in my experience. Namely ISIC, Marquis, and Thorn.

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ISIC is in a wack state of balance, she can melt Marquis if she latches on to him (but he can melt her back; it depends on how well he hits his shots and who engages first). Thorn is an interesting one; I hadn’t thought about her but I think the only true part of Thorn that counters Phoebe is her sheer damage output.


Vaulting Hunter and throwing a blight down under you

Good one, totally forgot about the vaulting hunter jump height. Question, though: is the jump height from that helix affected by slow…?

Any silence/disruption if timed right gives her a hard time. Galilea with Desecrate pulls and silence, her all around tankiness with her shield and her ult to buy time is probably the most annoying character to face as Phoebe. Shayne with her tankiness and pull/slow and Rath with silence/knockup are quite good against her too.

Yes it is but thorn has that melee push back that can get her out of the slow quick then she can start jumping again like a rabbit.

It’s the same thing with thorn. Jump jump until help arrives or ult your way out of it. So bring help to finish her off quickly or just chase her away. If she has half life then you can just kill her and move on

Galilea counters 85% of the stuff in the game, given her incredibly high CC, her health regen, tankiness, and damage amplification. Also, I’m looking for counters other than a truckload of CC. Rath may not be able to out-DPS her though — oooh, now I’m curious about dreadwind vs Blade Storm…

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I think ISIC’s fine tbh. Rather unique I’d say. Anyways, Marquis is a sniper and where is a sniper suppose to be? In the back line. If a Phoebe dives you, slap her away, put down your bubble and start shooting her while the rest of your team piles in on her. The rest comes down to distance and aim. For Thorn, Vaulting Hunter and her air stall move make it so Phoebe can’t reach her while Thorn nukes her from above.

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There are tactics you can use and precautions you can take, but frankly she’s the best assassin in the game. If a Phoebe gets you isolated or manages to ambush you on equal footing escape is a better option than trying to come out on top. She doesn’t have any hard counters, people who can shut her down just by being them and she’s got a lot of options in her arsenal.

In short, there’s no one thing anyone can tell you to do that will save you if a Phoebe drops on you except hope you can count on your teammates to help. A team attack will melt her very fast as she doesn’t come with a very high amt of health/shield/damage reduction and she’s a big target. If you’re worried about a Phoebe stay as close to your team and waves as possible and try not to put yourself in a situation where she can jump you.


Isic is too easy to kill when he is by himself the result is most likely him running away with his dash. Rath and Shayne have the best chance w/ there CCs but equipping yourself with a tankier build counters their initiation imo. Plus they don’t have wound… just 1 burst heal puts phoebe back in business to layeth the smack down if she did decide to stay & fight.

Nothing counters the hot mess.

I wouldn’t say all snipers counter phoebe cause she can shut them down really easily since their health pool is low. Whenever I see a marquis or thorn I’m like yay free kills.

Gali , montana, and attikus are the main ones I could think of that could counter phoebe. A bit of Shayne and aurox as well


Yea… Montana I admit is pretty annoying. A good one at least

Ghalt, Benedict, Ernest with his slo-mo egg

Ghalt is not a counter just incase. You can easily true strike dodge his hook and if he decides to hook you with no back up plan you can just send him to his grave or teleport away. A skilled bene can do some work. Ernest… not so much but can help… but yea… guess it just depends on everyone’s skill lv

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