How to create MP map thumbnails?

  1. Does anyone have the pieplate image without any background behind it?

  2. Does anyone know what format the TGA needs to be? I tried copying one and using GIMP’s “overwrite” feature, but it didn’t work :frowning:

I think Mikail had several posts about both those, way back in the day

Yes but this was all he said:

What about the specifics of the TGA? If I copy and rename the jadeth one it works, but as soon as I save my own TGA (with the same dimensions) it just displays the default image instead…

Remember to untick the compression box when saving in .tga with GIMP. As for the thumbnails, I think they’re in ui. I don’t have my laptop with me right now, but you might want to check the files from my mod, I had thumbnails for solo missions.

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TGA files need to be uncompressed, and possibly flipped vertically.

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And here is the circle thing:

I’ve made the template, perfectionist 1 to 1 style. I’ll share it when I’ll get home, but it’s a Photoshop file, because I found you can only get the exact result with layer blending modes, not just a simple opacity.


Thanks! I’m guessing I can’t open a Photoshop file in gimp…

No, but once I open it, I can also send it in layers with instructions on their opacity and blending modes.


GIMP 2.10 can open a Photoshop CS6 (version 13.0) .psd file. I can’t confirm for other versions, though.

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So apparently I did a layer export. Half opacity is included, all you have to do is to put one layer in normally, as it is, no changes and the other with screen blending mode. And that’s it for the disc:

PSD for the starting position numbers:

And these are the results:

The blending and behavior of the graphics should match what the real game does very closely.


Thanks, that works a treat!


Glad to hear it, happy to help. :slight_smile: