How to deal Rainbow elemental damage

You will need: All the DLC’s except Holodome, because screw the holodome.
One jack with the Thunderfire and a Corrosive Maliwan weapon, Specced into Compound Interest and Sponsored By.
One Aurelia specced into Save The Queen.

Jack must be Aurelia’s servant. Jack must shoot the intended victim with the Corrosive gun, then allow the victim to Melee Aurelia. Jack must swap from his Corrosive Mwan weapon to the Thunderfire. This will deal Fire and Shock from the thunderfire, Corrosive from the sponsorship, Explosive from Compund Interest and Cryo from Save the queen.

Bonus points if you can shatter their Air Mask while they are Bleeding.


Incredibly inefficient, yes! I managed this with just Athena, some cryo barrels, and an assist from one of those corrosive torks. Claptrap has it really easy, though…

Alternately, just use my TP4-N0-v4 (Trapanova) with an Explosive Oz kit and butt-slam spam to trigger the Rainbow Novas quite often. Plus with the Rainbow Coolant having the only unlockable vaulthunter.exe in this build, there’s a good chance of triggering the Disco ball for rainbow lasers at all targets within range. This build is a lot of fun and you pretty much only have to fire a weapon in the few places where you don’t have room to butt-slam.

Or the Minac (sp?) laser. Maybe just fire, corrosive, and shock.

I’ve not seen mine shoot cryo, but you can always use it to shoot a cryo barrel or one of those vine things. And yes, it’s MINAC’s Atonement - multiple references in that one acronym!

MINACS’s doesnt use cryo or explosive, and only does one at a time

claptrap with Rainbow cooland or Disco Fever and some explosive gun.
Athena with Prismatic Aegis, absorbing all 4 elements before throwing
Wilhelm with Thunderfire, Cold war, a corrosive grenade and his explosive punch

All seem to be a bit easier.

OP’s situation does them all in one shot though!

or just throw several Four Seasons