How to deal with deserters and rage quitters. Ideas?

It shouldn’t be too hard to sort out some of the intentional disconnects and accidental. If they open the menu and click quit, then it should be able to track and punish that player. Do a 2 or 3 strike rule. If you have more than 3 strikes with in a 30 day period then suffer the wrath!

They already can’t join a game til that one finishes, but it should be a little harsher than that. Especially if they know for sure it’s intentional. Like, cost you credits or make it so you can’t play the character you were using when you quit until you complete one or two full games.

There’s all sorts of creative and good penalties that could deter those who abandon their team.

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Geo, I’m not going to decry everyone who leaves a game by choice. But I must ask. If you start punishing players for having no fun in a group of random players and leaving because of it…how are you going to convince them to PLAY with random players?

In your thread, you want to punish people for leaving. In other people’s threads, premade groups are hated and derided, and people want to shunt them to their OWN specific playlists or force-match them just with other premades…how many people are going to WANT to queue up for a pot-luck match, with all this going on if it comes to pass?

If you leave a game mid game, then there should be a little harsher penalty. If you’re not having fun with a group then finish the round, vote for surrender. If you don’t like the look of your team before the match starts, then exit matchmaking and find a new team. I did that and faced the team that I was originally in and we slaughtered them.

Some matches are going to be very lopsided. That can’t be helped. What can be helped is people leaving their team high and dry. Make people think twice before abandoning their team. 6 minutes in and you can surrender.


But that doesn’t answer the question. Imagine that you get what you want Geo. What encourages those same players you’re now punishing, to PLAY random groups? What convinces them to jump on even if they’re solo, against say waiting for when they can do a pre-made with their friends, and go PUG stomping?

What’s stopping them from doing that now? The same thing as if this happened. Nothing. That’s awesome if you get with an amazing party and communicate. You can’t force randoms to have mics or do what you want. I go random all the time, majority of the time you have at least one or two people doing random things. 1 in 10 games I get put against a team that has a party of 4 or 5. We’ve beaten a few, but most of the time we get trounced. Work on Lore or something in that round.

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But that’s the problem; You’re just offering a punishment. You’re not offering anything to COUNTERACT that punishment.

I’ll use myself as an example. I’m not a try-hard-die-hard player. When I see someone go double digit deaths as a melee trying to sentry dive against voice commed pleas within the first five minutes, I don’t want to play with them anymore. I want to do what will happen in 20 minutes anyways; end the match with a loss and find a new group.

So I vote for the surrender. And that’s when the bad players jump on the mic, insulting me for offering a surrender, while STILL ignoring advice. Of course they vote it down, and go back to their stupid tactics. So, I quit the game and wash my hands of them.

Under your rules, I’m not going to want to play BB at all. Why should I risk getting in trouble in a game, where people act like idiots, and I have no recourse against them? At best, I’d reduce my playtime, to when I know my friends and I are going to devote a couple hours to playing premades, so at least I know I’m running with competent people. At worst, I’d just trade the game in for something else, because I’m not going to keep a game I paid $60 for, so someone ELSE can have fun at my expense.

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Sorry you feel that way. I know they’d never do this anyways, but it when one person quits your punishing 4 other players. Why should the 1 not be punished for hurting 4?

Yeah, it definitely sucks having that one person dragging the team down, but at least they’re trying. Better than a deserter. I’ll take that anytime over being short a Battleborn. At the very least they might be a distraction to the other team. Haha.

It’s rough to balance it all. I think it’s fine the way it is, for the most part. It’s just frusturating when 1 in 4 games you have less than a full team with in 3 minutes of starting.

There just needs to be a wait timer that they have to run out before they can search again. If they don’t return to the match within a certain amount of time they should have to wait like an extra half hour before they can play again. If somebody legitimately has connection problems or has to go off to do something then odds are the half hour won’t affect them. If they’re quitting just because they’re a bad sport then they actually get punished.

As a consolation prize to everybody else in the match, give the remaining players on each team a certain percentage of their earnings for that match.


Burn them at the stake?


I like the idea. After the match they quit ends, they have to wait like 10 minutes or something.

I really like the idea of compensating the players with less team mates. Maybe give them an in game bonus. You deal 5% more damage or healthy, or have lower respawn times. Just something to help balance it a little.

Also, allow a new player searching to fill that disconnected slot.

And that’s the problem precisely. But you’re addressing it in the wrong way. You want to punish someone for leaving a game. But their leaving, is often a REACTION to ignorant play.

To make it clear, I’m not talking about BAD play. I’ve run guides and camps for my friends, to help bring them up to speed, so I have no problem QBing a game for a newer player, and getting them into gear. But there are people who don’t CARE what others think. They will do what they choose to do, and damn the team.

The problem is, those players have 100% free reign right now. In fact, there’s no penalty system for deliberate grief play that sandbags a team. Imagine if 100 players of BB, want to pump their ELO’s for a night. Ten 5-man premades, and 50 rando players that all pick versus. The fifty rando players spend all night joining and leaving groups until they get matched with their teams, or just sandbagging THEM for the loss. All the players rotate through the premades so their losses are offset by more wins. But whenever someone in on this fix, gets matched up against one of the teams, they sack their team and farm a victory, while voting down surrenders to drag the match out. Maybe they just steal all the shards, but build nothing. Or take a support character, and don’t heal. Or, maybe they just hyperfeed their opposing team, to spike their level.

Right now in Battleborn, this kind of play is 100% LEGIT and UNREPORTABLE. Even if you KNOW about the fix, you can’t do anything about it. What they’re doing is not against any agreements signed about the game. And nothing in the current CoC, deals with bad or unsportsmanlike play. Only direct game altering cheats are prohibited. Bad play’s fine. Unless they go AFK, and they won’t to avoid missing out voting down a surrender, everyone who plays that night runs the risk of a poison pill being on their team.

This is why I want a system to report players for suspected griefing or cheating BEFORE there’s a system to report people for just leaving a game. I’d be far more willing to STAY in a game, if I could report the people who are ruining the match for my team.

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You can’t really have a report system against ignorant players. There’s should definitely be a report for players who quit early. There’s currently one for AFK. I know they’re researching and will start issuing bans for certain behaviors, so hopefully frequently AFK and quitters will get temporary bans.

The best solution, that I can see, for now is to allow a new player to join and replace the quitters spot. First show the player joining the stats of the game and allow them to decide if thy want to join or not. Then, the quitter still can’t join a new game or rejoin the old if their spots been filled.

Yeah, this sounds like a terrible idea. There’s already a wait penalty.

I’ve an idea. How about they just replace players? That would shorten queue times and solve this problem.

Also, AFK people should get booted much quicker thsn they do. Frankly, I’d rather someone leave than earn XP off my hard work. Plus, I don’t appreciate the camera spectating them everytime I die. Why does it always seem to focus on the AFK guy?

Here’s an idea, when they start a vote for surrender, you actually vote to surrender.

Stop trying to punish players that don’t want to continue to beat their head against a wall with teammates that don’t want to push into and try to control the middle of the map.

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How badly do you think the waiting times would be if there were 3 different groups.

Level 0-25

I understand that your level doesn’t reflect skill, but come on people.

Or maybe there should be a level restriction for pvp. 0-20 should have their own practice group.

Lmk what you think.


I’d just worry that the lower levels would have ridiculous wait times. It’d be good to have a tutorial mode that you had to play through at least once before playing each type of PvP. Just point out the goal and little tips and tricks. That tutorial could be replayable as well, just in case people ever need a refresher.

A good portion of the queue time issues can be solved by letting people join matches in progress, rather than having to wait for nine people every time you want to play. It’s really the only design decision that made me go, ‘But…why, though?’ If you could join and replace people after they insta-dodge,combined with a harsher punishment for leaving in the first place, you could easily get more satisfying matches. Though on the flip side it does mean ‘Oh well I can just quit it’s no big deal someone will replace me anyway’.

I think it’s really only an issue because in other competitive FPS games, if someone quits, it doesn’t really matter because I know back up is on the way. If someone quits in BB, regardless of how your team is doing, the thought will cross your mind that, ‘Well, maybe if we had a full team…’


I’ve had team members spam vote to surrender and do nothing the entire match while the rest of my team struggles and still wins. There are some really negative people out there that are afraid of trying.


I would like to be able to jump into a game, or someone join in to help out with a drop out. And quitters will still be punished for leaving regardless.


Don’t worry bout it, with the new change to xp , LOTS more ppl will stop