How to deal with elusive enemies?

I’ve started playing as zer0, and it is fun, but I’ve started to realise how much I’ve been taking maya for granted- I was wondering what everyone’s method of taking out surveyors and stalkers as other characters (mainly zer0, because well, that’s who I’m playing as rn)

My favourite gun-Zer0 tactic is combining a big ass shotgun, One Shot One Kill and Unforseen.

This works great on stalkers : slag grenade/Pimp/Slagga, decoy, kunai, blast - all as quickly as possible so you get faster cooldown. Unforseen is extremely potent in UVHM - especially if combined with a shock Bone.

Surveyors : I don’t really have any Zer0-specific tactics ; but on the Peak I typically use a loader as bait : take its health down to a third which will call the surveyor over to heal it making it a sitting duck.

Melee Zer0s will typically otherwise a Norfleet, Pimp or Interfacer to take them down. With other characters, usually a Conference Call and a Bee. Gaige uses a Fibber.

I think most people agree that - like mages - surveyors are Satan spawn and deserve any and all cheese.

Speaking of cheese and mages : this is probably the only time I justify it, but for them I throw my decoy into a wall. This de-aggros them and stops them from disappearing. Then Fastball, Ravager or Rapier in the butt.


My go to/ essential accessories for Stalker areas is this basic gear:

Shock Spike Shield, Tesla-Type or Singularity Shock Grenade

Zer0 shock decoy skill might be worth a try but I haven’t ever built to it.

A shock tediore SMG to chuck is good to have in lieu of grenades, and any sniper or shotgun with good splash damage in shock to wreck shields from a distance is always good. Uncloked most attack face-forward and are pretty easy to crit when they rush so a high fire rate gun with a crit bonus pays off.

For Surveyors their shock eye attack & healing are the headache. I try to snipe them while they are spawning since they have set points they intially hover above as they spawn. Failing that I evade & wait for them to lock in on me and crit them with a shock gun as they fly straight toward me and strafe as I shoot, or sprint forward immediately after to avoid the blast. Patience is key, and if you can’t get a bead on their flight path to lead them with a shot, just wait for them to come back around. They are either first or last to die in most of my mobbing.

In WEP my favorite tactic is to hunker behind cover and wait for them to try and close in and zap me and tag them with a quick volley of rounds at an angle they can’t target me from. Same strat I use for Buzzards & Rakks.


Haven’t even considered spike shields, I’ll pick one up just for that


I spec Unforeseen and it’s beautiful all around but works especially well with Stalker shields. As for their health bar I just pick the biggest damage “one shot” weapons because trying to maintain a rapid fire weapon on them is a pain and trying to crit them is ridiculously unreliable. Shotguns are nice but this is one of the cases I’m not shying away from rocket launchers at all if I’m carrying one.
EDIT: Also, Tediore reloads are one of my main ways of disposing of them if I have a good one available.

Surveyors I usually use Slag Pimpernel for their shields and I carry a Chain lightning that can be thrown to the ground or walls next to them to help with the shields. A more general approach is to get any good shock weapon and any good caustic weapon that are accurate and good at range so accurate rapid fire is good here but snipers work really well too. In certain places surveyors fly low enough to the ground that you can tag them with Unforeseen but that’s rare. If you want to go in the broken overkill land, some people use Norfleets on surveyors.


For stalkers I like to spray where I think they are with a Slagga then hit them with a Chain Lighting- really great at stripping their shields. For surveyors a Hornet, Anarchist, shock Infinity or Fastball (especially when in Deception)- anything with a high or sustained RoF…


Nothing Zero specific and I don’t know how it scale at OP levels.
Surveyors: I like to carry a good Hyperion schock shotgun for them. Not optimal for Badasses thou. Good practice with SR is probably the best. And as @Jefe said. Use loaders for repair surveyors. Something I’m trying to get better at.

Stalkers: I often found the Florentine useful for them. Doesn’t necessarily work with every class/build and ammo hungry. But it often worked for me.


:rofl::rofl::rofl: Couldn’t have said it better! Spot on!

Throw a Deliverance on their ass. It will probably take a few throws, but if combined with a Bee, it should work out. This also let’s the player duck behind cover.

The few times I’ve used the Deliverance, have been in NVHM and TVHM, and it’s been a joy to watch the chase. UVHM and the OP levels are a different story, but it might work there too.


Would a seeker do a similar job to a deliverance? Never used a seeker, so I have no idea how effective it is

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Paging @Adabiviak who is the only person I know who uses that with any frequency (with Axton - not that that matters).


Me neither! But from what I’ve seen in videos, I doubt it. Deliverane will lock on to a target and pursue it. That’s for sure. The question is whether the damage is enough, and if it locks on to the target you want. There’s also the matter of slagging… I think your best strategy is to exploit what has already been suggested by the rest of the guys. Terrain, make them repair other enemies and so on.


nothing a drunk Hive can’t deal with!


I use OSOK, and have always found that a coach gun out of deception (hopefully some Kunai have hit the mark, too) is good way to drop surveyors, and stalkers tend to have fully stripped shields after that too. Also, I spec unforseen and if I blast the stalker with my coach gun a bone buffed unforseen usually finishes them off for me.


I honestly didn’t realise how useful unforeseen was, considering how many people are singing it praises- would it still be alright to use if I was to spec into many must fall?

Will deffo spec into when I do a gun zer0 though


It seems I’m the anomaly with melee Zer0 - I do spec it. Most do not - but I don’t find it in any way gets in the way of MMF chains…at OP8. If I’m doing Pete’s Bar at 72 I don’t spec it as it can halt a chain.

For the Peak and mobbing this is my build (with a Legendary Ninja of course ) :

Edit - no Velocity because I use a Pimpernel as my backup.


Sorry about the late reply, I’m in the South Korea airport. The Seeker shots basically work like E-Tech darts, except they’re explosive. They have a little guidance compensation, but not like the Deliverance (or Wanderlust for that matter, which have full homing capabilities). It’s great for long-distance, since it takes care of the gyro jet leading for you as a Torgue weapon.


How is it with a cloaked stalker?


It can’t see them while they’re cloaked. :frowning_face:


I spec it on pure melee but I don’t play that a lot. I just like the hybrid and sniper style more so I rarely go there. Feels like I’m always re-learning melee when I get around trying just that.

As for the skill there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it with melee. I think most people don’t spec it because the old melee specs didn’t have it as it was worthless before the '15 patch and melee works fine without it. It weakens enemies around your close, takes care of shields and primes them more for execute. You need to be careful with barrels since the clones are shot wherefer you are facing during MMF and sometimes it’s an inconvenience as it can kill the mob you are planning on executing next in the chain. You can learn to work with it and I love it with all builds.


Is that where they keep the Surveyors? :crazy_face: