How to deal with elusive enemies?

That would be the North Korean airport I’d think…


I edited it in my message but I’ll make a separate post for it so it doesn’t go under the radar.

For Stalkers if you have a good Tediore available that also fits the bill of powerful single shot weapons more than nicely. I usually don’t have that much use for SMG ammo for my Zero so a nice blue or purple Tediore SMG is nice to have in my backpack and when going into Stalker heavy areas just toll all your ammo at their faces.

One thing I’d also like to add is that I usually just ignore Stalkers wherever possible and run past them. There’s not a whole lot of areas where you’re actually forced to fight with them instead of just storming past them.


I play allegiance with specific rules about which weapons I can actually use per manufacturer, so these are either very ideal or not so much (and it’s up to me to make them work):

  • Maliwan Mechromancer (emphasis on the Little Big Trouble tree): she usually loads out with a specific element in mind (depending on the map), but if there are Surveyors, it’ll be my corrosive Pimpernel. Stalkers (and Surveyors if they’ve got a fat shield up) eat shock damage from my Storm. Direct hits to the Stalkers wreck their shields until they can’t go invisible (and elude the shock orbs). Once they’re visible, the more they move, the more the shock orbs hit them, the more they proc Electrical Burn, the faster they die.

  • Bandit Mechromancer (emphasis on the Anarchy tree): Surveyors usually eat it from my Gub (or corrosive Orc). Stalkers absolutely melt from my shock Madhous… like it’s weird how good that gun is against them when used right. The shock damage helps, but specifically, you aim at the ground right in front of them so both of the split pellets hit the target. Stalkers are easier to do this with than upright enemies because the profile makes a bigger target. Their crit spot also happens to be right in this line of fire. The closer they are to you (which is often the case), the easier it is to bet both pellets on target. I even avoid the Close Enough damage reduction, as it’s cancelled out by the second ‘free’ pellet.

  • Torgue Commando: Surveyors eat it from my pistol (usually a Devastator or Pocket Rocket), but I do have to wait for them to come straight at me for one of their runs. Badass ones get shotgun fire to the side. Stalkers eat Landscaper shot. Before I let the UCP alter the Landscaper (gave it grenade damage and eliminated the self damage), it was just more dicey to use it, since I had to avoid the explosions.

  • Dahl Commando: Surveyors take damage from his typical combat style: Gwen’s Head to slag and maybe get rid of the shield. Then Hornet, corrosive Emperor, or corrosive Scorpio for the kill. Stalkers eat largely the same, except it’s a shock Plasma Caster or minigun. That said, I regularly use dual Nukes to dispatch both of these enemies with pretty good success (a bit more with some UCP love).

  • Jakobs Assassin (emphasis on the Sniper tree): Surveyors eat Maggie or Skullmasher fire; Stalkers eat the Twister. If I’m feeling frisky, I’ll use repeated shots of Unf0rseen.

  • Vladof Assassin (emphasis on the Bloodshed tree): Surveyors eat slag Patriot fire, maybe followed by corrosive Veritas if needed. Stalkers eat Infinity and/or Kitten fire. If I’m in the mood, I’ll throw a Storm Front down, let it soften them up, throw my hologram near the unit that will be detonating (then get away myself before it does), and try to chain Many Must Fall through the survivors.

  • Tediore Siren (Phaselock): Surveyors get Phaselocked; Stalkers do too, but I like to spare the Phaselocked fella and aim my shock Launcher at the Converged mess under the singularity.

  • Hyperion Siren (Thoughtlock): Thoughtlocked Surveyors will heal you if you’re damaged, so if they’re not a huge threat, I’ll keep them around so I can play aggressively and nurse off one. With its healing and Elated, health restoration is strong. If I get a kill, Blight Phoenix will start to wreck it, but then Life Tap is on deck and I’ll finish it off to extend that. Stalkers get Thoughtlocked. If they’re still packing full shields, I’ll fire Logan’s Gun fire into the mob, which will generally kill them. If their shields are weak/down, I’ll amble among them and let Blight Phoenix (with some UCP enhancement) wreck them. It’s not so strong that they touch me and they die; it only works with +11 points in it on a weakened and slagged enemy, but pulling this off is pretty fun.


That’s really in depth, pretty interesting methods as well- on my assassin I use the Maggie for surveyors at least, but the higher levelled I get, The more my methods will vary


If I wasn’t playing with these manufacturer/weapon restrictions and I was Zer0, I would absolutely use a corrosive (or shock, maybe even slag?) Wanderlust with at least six points in Vel0city (11 for serious fun). The darts have full homing capabilities and can totally outrun the Surveyors, so you can’t miss unless there’s something closer to you at the time you fire… it’s just a matter of stacking enough damage into the shots for a kill (which shouldn’t be too hard: I’ve one-shot (well two-shot since I have a Binary prefix on mine) Buzzards with this at OP3 (though I imagine it fades fast a few levels up).

Maybe a Bee could extend this… it’s actually awkward for me to think outside of the allegiance box. :thinking: