How to deal with Galilea as Orendi?

Just finished a match which was way unfun. Had a Galilea that was so tanky that even when I dumped an ult, auto attacks, pillars, and had a boldur smacking her I could not kill her. I than get pulled, silenced, than killed in 2s. Why did gearbox think it was a good idea to give characters a cc and a silence? I don’t even know why they gave Orendi nullify if they don’t want me to use it. Is there anything I can do to counter her play? Because this galy could push people out of lane all day long. Is she just overpowered still? Never dealt with a galy like this. Any tips? Not to mention she was banging on the sentry with little to no team support with not much health loss.

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I gues I could just share what I do.

Just hit her little by little from afar to get her shield down at range of possible. If she looses even 1 point of health she looses her most powerful skill imo.

Personally I always go with the blind for nullify so if I get pulled in I would try to run until the silence wears off and then blind her and run.

The biggest counter you can do is to pick the 60% shield penetration on shadow pillar somewhere around level 8. This should get her (and any other shielded enemies) to retreat that much faster.

ik items arent ususally the best counter but its a viable build also…You can build max penetration or even just one pentetration and it does negate the extra damage off projectiles. I build with knock back instead of blind as it stops rath as well. I wouldnt say expect to kill her but more so avoid dying, As orednt you can kill anyone after level 5 if you ult below half or so.

Maybe I dont spec my Gal out “tankily” enough cause I’ve never been able to take down an Orendi as fast you describe this person to have done to you. Usually due to other players supporting the Orendi’s I have come up against. Also the blinding effect has almost always created a large enough window of escape for my intended prey lol. Maybe I’m just not an amazing Gal player…

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ever since gal’s nerf (occasionally before the nerf) i can kill her with orendi. galilea can’t block aoe damage so if she’s backing up hit her with shadowfire pillar, activate nullify to get another pillar in about 5 seconds. if you have multiple people try to get behind her cause she can’t block damage from behind but don’t get to close or she will activate her desecrate pulling you in and silencing you but by that point you should have made it to were she doesn’t have her long range attack (unless she has a miko backing her) don’t just turn away from her though if she did pull you to her and silence you because she has that shield toss. so you still face her while backing up jumping left and right and as long you watch for the shield and she misses that is when you retreat and go to a healer or back to base.

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Eh I figured out how to fight her. She actually can block pillar unless it is absolutely behind her. I personally think gearbox needs to make pillar harder to block with offhand shield carriers. I also think she has to many outs. it takes much more awareness to actually kill galilea than the other way around. Her pull+silence is a little ridiculous. My strategy now is if I get pulled pretty much sprint out of her zone until I can nullify. I definitely feel I have to play more accurately and work harder than a galilea to live and secure a kill when fighting her.

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Actually Gal’s nerf made her not do much damage w/o her ranged attack at full hp, and Orendi is not only ridiculously OP but also super easy to use now for example, I went 29/4 last night as Orendi against a decent team w/ Gal and I don’t really play Orendi much. Just take the lvl 6 left mutation, so now instead of doing shadow pillar, nullify, shadow pillair, you do nullify first off to get the instant shadow pillar and then wait for it to go back on cooldown. Then do the same shadow pillar, nullify, shadow pillar for a quick 1000+ damage which is pretty much guaranteed since both shadow pillars are instant, then nullify again to prime the instant pillar storm and repeat.

Note: against non-shielded characters you normally would do shadow pillar, nullify, shadow pillar and then add in her ult but against good players they will put their shields up and block ALL damage from your ult, even if their shield only has 1 hit-point left on it and u will have essentially wasted your ult unless you kill her after her shield is down

Yeah I was against making her easier to play. I don’t really blow my ult on anyone with a shield. Shield users can block pillars unless you cast it completely behind them. Orendi may be strong, but she isn’t op. The only thing that approaches op is maybe pillarstorm. Without it her ability to kill is quite lackluster unless you hit your combo of pillar into a paradigm. It is very hard for orendi to chase a kill compared to other characters. Orendi only gets those kill counts against a bad team. Good players won’t put themselves in a position to be combo that often.

What makes her seem op right now is gbx buffed the importance of lane pushing. Any BB that can push lane well is top tier. The ones at the top of the list being the best at it. Orendi didn’t have this problem at launch. She had few changes the only thing that made her better was gbx making her a better pusher than most through the aoe nerf. Her damage numbers have been unchanged since launch.

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