How to deal with slag skags in peak as maya?

I’m having a lot of trouble with Super Badass Slag Skags in Digistruct Peak (Trying to get to OP 3) on my Maya character. What weapons hurt them the most? My Ladyfist is basically useless, as they seem to dislike opening their mouths.

Slag skags… Phaselock and shoot! No shortcuts there, I’m afraid. Fire weapons will do the most damage. Your plasma caster should do the trick, or Hellfire if you need to conserve your ammo. A Cat COM will boost your damage a whole lot with SMG’s, so it might be wise to switch if you come across one.

I would personally build more like this. Reasons? Most of the difficult enemies in the Peak are enemies that don’t wield regular guns, and that makes Kinetic Reflection redundant most of the time. I also feel that both Scorn and Ruin is one too much. And even though Life Tap is a great skill, you already have a lot of healing with SR, Elated and Rubi. That gives you skill points to spend in other places.

Full spec in Inertia and Ward to keep your shield up as much as possible. A Bee-shield will benefit a lot from this if you can get one, and that will, in turn, icrease your damage. Quicken… The more Phaselock, the better. Those are my thoughts on the matter. I know I recommended gear that you may not have, but they will make things a lot easier in the Peak, so maybe go get them…!?

Without suggesting changes to your build (I would, for the record, tweak it a bit), I can suggest farming up a Blockhead. It’s not the easiest farm in the game, but being able to lift a skag and then get up close and fire a bunch of pellets into it will take them down pretty quickly.

Blockhead is indeed great, and since it’s tediore, you can go all reload-crazy on high value targets, which is even easier if they’re phaselocked. Remember the tediore saying: “would I need to reload before this guy dies?” If yes, throw the gun in his face.
Also, if you’re like me, you’re kind of bored with the unkempt harold, but it is powerful, not to mention the way it works with the bee (if you’re willing to go that route). See if it isn’t any better than your fire SMGs on those pesky skags.
And I’ll also mention that maybe you’ll do better in solo play with more points in the left-hand tree. Scorn is neat though.

Build isn’t helping you out, needs changes.

Go get a Pimp (Fire/Shock), Bee Shield, Sandhawk (Normal/Shock/Corrosive), E-Tech Launcher, Bekah (Jakobs Gatling Gun should cover you up to OP5), Grog Nozzle, Chain Lightning/Lightning Bolt/Storm Front (Great for Healing), Cat/Siren Class Mod.

I can’t lose Scorn, it makes attaining a second wind three times easier, I have found that Ruin is much less useful in those situations, because it has to hold an enemy for a split second before it slags, and if I’m on my way down I doesn’t always have time. As quicken is percentage-based, I do not see the benefit of the 3/4 second reduction in cooldown over gaining second winds. I do get your point about Kinetic Reflection, I’ve debated moving those points elsewhere, but couldn’t decide between Fleet and Inertia. I could attain a bee, however I’m not going to run with one at all times, as I find it a more boring playstyle.I ran with a level 50 Bee for a long time and had less fun than I do with my current build. I might, however, farm one simply to have for the duel Saturns when I eventually get there. Thanks for your suggestions, I’ll farm tubbies for that Legendary Cat COM.

Yes, the Harold is a bit of an annoyance for me, but that’s a good suggestion, I’ll try that out after farming the blockhead. Thanks!

The only problem with ‘Getting a pimp’ (or sandhawk) is that I would have to reset UVHM, and replay through all of the campaign if I wanted to host a game with friends, as I picked them up ~level 55. I don’t like the grog nozzle. As a general rule, I don’t carry slag weapons, never have with my siren, because by the time slag was necessary I had reached the capstones. The rubi serves me better because I can actually use it to kill things like the SPR-TNKs. And I do have a level 72 lightening bolt, shoulda mentioned that, because it does go well with the rubi.

Would you rather control the mob faster or have another slagging option for FFYL? A second difference for PL is massive. Don’t underestimate the impact that it has on your ability to control and take down mobs, especially at the Peak. Quicken is an essential skill for Binder and Cat builds. Your build is better suited for Legendary Siren if you don’t want to make any adjustments.

I left everything else as-is, but I added a point to suspension, removed the points from Kinetic Reflection (which was overdue, it scales poorly because enemy health and the damage reduction is useless in the peak where, it’s true, few enemies have guns), and put the last four in Fleet, so if my shield goes down, I get a buff to movement speed. Might be useful in OP6 when I deal with Dukino’s badass mom. But I still don’t see the appeal of Quicken, what with a cooldown COM and relic.

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BoA + L. Binder + Quicken = 6.31s
BoA + L. Binder = 7.38s

Since the duration of slag was extended to 8 seconds in UVHM, and I have health from sweet release and lifetap after a phaselock and subsequent kill, the whole mob is slagged until I get PL back anyway, I don’t want to sacrifice Scorn for that last second.

Would an antagonist help with this build, or would I be better off going for the evolution, or something else?

One of Maya’s best Skill’s…

Just Reset otherwise you will have problems, it doesn’t take long. The Grog Nozzle is used for Healing.

I use an antagonist on my siren, no complaints. Plus if you don’t have good slag guns…
And yeah, a Cat COM is pretty great, a lot of awesome SMGs out there (even generic E-techs are pretty cool).

I meant Ruin is less useful for slagging from FFYL, as at that point it’s useless. I agree Ruin is second only to Converge.

I’m just trying to figure out when the best time to reset all my quests is, as I don’t really want to play through the storyline again just to get gear for each OP level. I am trying to run through it completely legitimately for my siren, because I like challenging myself. I don’t believe in spending 3 days between attaining each OP level just to play through the storyline and get all my gear again, though. Should I reset after getting OP 3 and then again at OP 6 and 8? Or should I wait until OP 4 and try to use that gear through to OP 8?

When I ran the peak with a buddy of mine, we would typically update half our gear for each OP level. It was nice because it meant we didn’t have to refarm 7 or 8 pieces of gear each time we completed a level, and probably saved us a lot of time. An OP1 Hornet will do just fine against OP2 enemies.

Anyways, something to consider. You can do real well with easily-farmed legendaries (typical load-out for me was a Blockhead/Heartbreaker/HellFire, Hornet, Slagga, and Harold, along with a purple Tediore quick shield, Storm Front, Legendary Binder, and whatever BotA relic matched the fight) and sometimes the bosses on the Peak will help you out too (hello, OP5 corrosive Bone Shredder).

Use a Slag weapon to Slag in FFYL. No Ruin is her most useful Skill.

Reset at OP4, OP6 and then OP8.

I agree on all points.

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