How to deal with unsportsmanlike conduct?

Ran into a 2 man group who would immediately leave the match if we voted on anything meltdown. when I messaged them about it they gave a pretty flippant response despite ruining this for the other 8 of us (i was there pretty much only for meltdown, but would play capure/face off if chosen).

I’m not sure if there even is a way to report it as they left before I could report them for leaving early and the match would immediately end and send me back to the queue. any tips?

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Ignore ‘em and keep on keepin’ on.

People are rude, people are dumb, and people are annoying. Laugh it off as a couple of idiots then promptly go about your day as if nothing happened.


String them up by their nipples, and whip them with a flail made of rabbit tails.


Why reward them? :smiling_imp:


ignore and avoid them if you can.

i did, left the queue once i realized they weren’t going to stop, but my main point is if there could be a report feature/internal feature that can determine “this player has left seconds into the character select screen multiple times” and act accordingly (maybe an hour ban from pvp? hour ban from both pvp/pve?)

I know we don’t need to reduce the numbers anymore but when its actively hurting the community, i don’t see anything wrong with keeping some people out for an hour or two at a time

Gosh some people would like to report anyone for anything to obtain self satisfaction. In your scenario just realize that even in game you will experience unpleasant moments. Just ignore and move on. Unless your gaming account/console gets hacked or stolen, it is never that serious,…just keep enjoying the game.

Not that simple, however, for those who play in timezones where there’s only a handful of people online on PS4, and you will be guaranteed to be requeued with someone if you try to evade them. :confused:


I’ve been saying this since pretty much the game started. Even though it would be extremely cathartic for the report system to do something about it, currently the playerbase won’t be able to handle it. So in the meantime, it’s best to just ignore these rather unsavory players.

I wonder if it was the same two man team, that went 15mins plus before getting out of party chat just to yell and vent. Then my buddy politely put her in her place, as we were playing the game correctly…

side note I did leave PVE a few times last night in public because I wanted to get Archive advanced for Thorn lore. Yeah I could have done it in a private match, but wanted to include others… However CR below lvl 20s should not be in advanced modes.

I think you should not be overly sensitive here. Nothing was “ruined” here since the match didn’t even start. Queue again, find new buddies and move on with your life.

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Just when I thought the comment couldn’t get any better.

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No, they’d like to report people for ruining their experience and going against the intended playstyle of the game. If it was just them,everybody would be fine. This is a team game, and declaring your interests higher than 8 others is selfish and rude

The voting started. They were technically in the match. Matchmaking takes a lot of time. Just because they were willing to waste time doesn’t mean everybody else should be forced to.


That excuse of PS4 low active players during specific time gets really old by now. We don’t know if that was the case for the OP. Even if it was it can’t be worse than pc and I think the Op is just being oversentitive about it. Just take a breather for a couple of minutes. Let them queue first and come back fresh. It’s a very small inconvenience trying to pass as a huge problem.

On the other hand, why should they waste their time in a gamemode they don’t like?

But, as said before, you’re making this a bigger thing than it actually is.

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They entered the queue. They knew the risks. Just because the majority of the group disagreed doesn’t mean they get to leave it in shambles.

With the low pop, problems are magnified. Especially in great quantities. Imagine if someone was put off by this happening twice in a row as he turned it onb for the first time. What if they had become a streamer? And brought 15 more people into the game. We can’t afford those losses

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Shave their heads with a Ronin’s Crossblades!


Let’s say you were at a party with 50 people. Everyone is taking turns playing a 10 player board game. What happens if two people throw the board on the ground everytime they get some pieces that aren’t fun to them?

The party will be over. People will get annoyed and leave to another party. Just because it’s a video game does not mean it’s not selfish or rude the other players. This topic is definitely not being made bigger than it is.


If it’s Monopoly, they get a medal.

But to the main point, I have never seen any really outrageous behavior before. The worst was one guy who was requeued onto our team immediately after we’d beaten him in the match before. I’d taunted him that game, due to a) hilarious circumstances of his death and b) my cute new platinum Alani taunt.

He waited until the game started then very pointedly quit in base, leaving us 4v5. Probably he thought we were going to be upset and lose the game or something… we just laughed and won it anyway.


Wow, rude. I think you seriously overestimate how many aussies are playing this game for poor Eden to match with. With how small our player base is across platforms, what WOULD be 10 seconds of waiting and re-queueing turns into waiting 5 to 10 minutes just to requeue so you don’t get stuck with them again.

Maybe that’s not a lot to YOU, but to those of us who have very limited free time, that’s a LONG wait and a HUGE problem.

Either way, mind your words, the way you said that was mean, and not cool.