How to delete GraveWard on M4 in seconds without crit swap

Why am I sharing this?:

  • GW is still a loot pinata on M4 and is a great way to get anointed gear. Fast and easy farm.

  • Scourges tend to be pretty common drops so not hard to get requirements.
  • I find it both hilarious and fun.


  • I have the perfect gear for this pretty much. But what I show is extreme overkill.
  • You can do it without the perfect scourge/passives just shoot a couple more rockets.
  • It does take practice to get the rockets right on target.
  • Alternatively if you don’t mind crit swapping, a single rocket will do the job with this build.

Sin tee, or whatever, the name is just had a video with a similar build. For mobbing he just alternated action skills. Did the raid and would have killed Wotan pretty fast but halfway through the fight decided to ignore the boss and only kill the adds. Idk why.

Not sure who that is honestly, but I’m not surprised because it makes the most sense when you look at skill trees and try to figure out how to delete GW. :slight_smile: I learned some of it from Kai_tw though just put my own spin. Really not trying to claim creation either just wanted to share because I’ve mentioned I could do it a few times and gotten some DM’s asking how and such. So I figured people could benefit.