How to develop Homeworld Multiplayer

We all know that the current multiplayer in the game is in Beta and could use some improvement. In order to add some constructive criticism, here are the top five things that could be enhanced to improve the gameplay. Things like bugs and balance will be left out of this list, because they are givens and are currently top priorities at gearbox to be fixed in the coming months. Overall, I am completely happy with this game so far, but I would love to see some more from this as it continues to be improved.

5- New Maps:
We all love the maps included in the base game, but many have been played over and over again for the past 15 years since the release of the original games. Some nice variety would be a breath of fresh air for the series.

4- Coop:
While I know you can easily make a match of so many players vs cpu players, it would be kinda cool to have some kind of coop in the game. Weather it be scenario or survival based, it could be a neat addition to this already stellar package. Perhaps have a survival mode where wave after wave of Taidan or Progenitor ships continually invade and you and your allies have to last as many rounds as possible. Or a scenario, like a single player mission with a quick story blip, could be accomplished by you and your team. Not a necessity to multiplayer, but it’d be definitely fun to play.

3- Expand on new gametypes:
The ‘Relic’ and ‘Carriers Only’ matches I have played were actually some of my favorite multiplayer matches so far. Relic gives you a kind of RTS King-of-the-Hill type game. Carriers Only allows for some interesting tactical combat, and changes the typical player strategy of ‘build the biggest fleet of biggest ships’. Research like Hyperdrive and Resource Collector repair become critical as your carriers aren’t as tough as a mothership. If you haven’t tried it out yet, I highly recommend it! It would be nice to see some more of these subtle but game altering changes. Perhaps a new mode.

2- Homeworld Races:
I find it interesting that Gearbox has chosen to include both HW1 and HW2 races in their multiplayer and I applaud them for this action. As the multiplayer is separate from the single player, I would love to have a bit more variety. While this is probably something that might be better suited for the mod community, I would love if it included the Bentusi or even Progenitor ships. Perhaps even change their gameplay a bit. The Bentusi, for instance, being traders could ‘collect’ resources from other players with specialized trade ships rather than mine themselves. The Progenitors could be stronger ships than the other races but expensive and limited in versatility.

1- Matchmaking:
One of the biggest opportunities this game has is to improve it’s ability to locate and find other players to play against. First, the current game model seems to ‘Locale Restrict’ your game finding to the region you are in. If this could be opened up worldwide, we would have a much larger pool of games to connect to. On top of that, the ability to filter out password protected games would reduce the amount of time spend clicking on random games until we find one that is open. The interface in this area does not seem much improved from it’s 1990-something counterparts and I think needs to be updated to a more modern specification. Even a ‘limit game to steam friends’ option would be a great addition.


To be honest, I’d rather see some of the multiplayer imbalances addressed before adding new components into the mix.

If anyone wants to help me do balance testing…I’m looking for volunteers.