How to die 5 times in under 30 seconds and break the game script

During the mission “Beneath the Meridian” on TVHM Mayhem 3, die. And then respawn with two Annointed, 2 Badass Nuclear Katyusha Automatic Rocket Launchers, and one Slugger… hitting you before you even see your screen.

With Maya being utterly useless.

Start mashing the “M” button to avoid perma-death, Borderlands 3 style. Travel to beginning of Map. Maya respawns. Try respawning the Double D truck. Nope. Not happening.

Go to where the Double D truck is on the map. Blow it up. Try respawning it. Not happening.

S-O-L. No truck. No Maya. She’s still at the beginning of the map.

Script broken.

Quit to Main Menu and then restart? Doesn’t work. No Maya. No Double D truck.

Script Broken. Mission unplayable. Can’t finish. Good luck with progression.

Maybe when you respawn, Gearbox should reset the mobs to their original position instead of perma-death, Borderlands style.

EDIT: Solution: Run through the entire map and get to The Forgotten Basilica. Maya appeared.

And then jettisonJar-Jar Ava out the airlock. “Accidents” happen.

That sucks. Ive been killed by campers at respawn also. Definatly sucks.

Sure. PvP against live players. But NPC Sprite campers? That’s a new one on me.

Played Halo 4 on a certain map. Had the tank. I was on the other side of the map within sight of their spawn. That tank round had AoE :slight_smile:

For some reason, the game kept respawning them at that spot about 4 times. I had the bad habit of recon by fire and random suppresive fire into tunnels whether they were there or not. 37 kills in one game. I made the tank last, only blowing up in the last five seconds of the match.

They took the tank out of the map and replaced it with the robot. Prior to that, me and my nepherwracked up 57 kills in one match with the gauss hog with me as the driver. Players were dropping out of matches as soon as they saw us join. We even had Microsoft/343 access my nephews XBox (star appears next to your names) looking for hacks and recording the game play. It was up on youtube at one time.

My nephew actually did a total luck shot with the gauss rifle on the gauss hog, dropping five players at once. Followed up by two more kills within seconds. 343 actually invited him to their official games that year but he was underage and could not attend.

They took the gauss hog out of that map within 72 hours. Same map that they took the tank out of after I went to town on the opposing team with the tank.

Too funny.

Gearbox takes it to a new level: AI NPC Sprite Camping Pseudo-Perma-Insta-Death-Prayer.

Mash the M button to bring up the map and teleport out. Died twice trying that, out of five deaths.