How to display text on screen?

I was trying to follow the camerautils example because it shows camera position in real time… but i am a little lost.

I have an event i want to execute once two ships come within a certain range. As the ships are under 4000 distance away I want to display the distance to the player on the screen in real time.

The function I use to calculate the distance works just fine… but how to display in real time with ATI functions is a mystery to me.

On the plus side the player’s experience is turning out quite nice. Trying to get the Vaygr mother ship 1120 distance from a dreadnught is tense and requires the player to zoom in and utilize good ship steering… if you can image trying to delicately maneuver something as large and slow as a MS with pin point accuracy to a drifting Dreadnaught while a battle is going on around you… i find myself watching the ship with anticipation as it approaches every so slowly… and there is an added benefit of the visual of a battle being witnessed up close (which we rarely do anymore). It has a cinematic feeling… now add in the display of the distance as the numbers get close to the desired outcome… it just feels good! Right now I keep the log file open and keep refreshing to see the same thing… lol

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My HWCE mod does some ATI stuff:

Problem is, currently I don’t think the mod is working with the players patch. (Though disabling the patch should be pretty easy.)

Here is a tutorial on the subject. Not sure all of it still works in HWRM, however.

Thank you Sir

I did get the text working, just not able to get diff colors right now. Thank you Sir!