How to drop missions entirely?

Just wondering, I don’t feel like completing Guardian Hunter since I was just using it to get XP, but the trap grenade from it I believe is taking up inventory space, so is there any way to just drop the mission entirely?

You have to finish it

Bleh, ok. Assuming I keep running this mission a bit longer with some people, whats roughly the tops I should hit level wise on Normal? I’m right now just past 30.

Quest items don’t take up inventory space, but you can’t drop or sell them either.

I thought they did take up space

They don’t. Well, they didn’t in BL 2…

I’m pretty sure they did in bl2. I remember being over capacity joining multiplayer games with people with multiple quest items.

Maybe the first quest item doesn’t count… I always thought they didn’t count, but I never actually had more than one at a time.

I’ll check the next time I play and get a quest item.

quest items in Bl2 use an added bag space though I’m unsure if it counts as an actual bag space specifically at the moment

In TPS they do take up space.

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I thought they were supposed not to take up room… But actually did?

as far as I know it has always took up backpack space. In BL 2 if I had 2 open spaces in my backpack and hopped into a game where the Host has 2 mission items, I no longer have those 2 empty spaces, the same happens in BL TPS. Even in your own game I have found that mission items takes up space in your backpack

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Yes, they take up a space in TPS and in BL2. I’m sure of it, having cursed at this poor design decision enough times through the years.

Why don’t you just… complete the mission ?
I mean, it’s neither hard nor long

great mission to pwrlvl yourself and/or others and great to farm BAR thats why some people (like myself) leave them open. i dont get how some people can run around with full inventory and no open spaces. i rarely have more than 10 items on me, usually less. some people seem to hoard items they never need or use. To each their own. and yes they take up inventory space.

I happen to be one of those people…
And actually it’s not an active decision, I just forget to sell off the fodder items or think “hey, I’ll just grind these up” but never do because the wife (best co-op partner EVER lol) and I have waaay too much fun blowing through mobs.

God I love these games.

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haha i know a couple of couples who play together and they are a blast to play with, and the chick is more of a hoarder!

See i do get full inventory because I pick up everything since they added a grinder in TPS, if I end up getting overloaded I’ll drop some less useful item but I make trips back to Concordia quite often to clear these. There are only a few items I actually use in my inventory so I as well don’t see why this is a problem, As soon as I’m full I’m on my way back to the grinder.

The mission items do take up backpack space.

They can/will be added to a full backpack. Making the backpack over full.

The only way to get rid of them is to complete the mission.

Even ignoring the mission will not remove the item.