How to earn cah easily

Hello everyone,

first of all a disclaimer: This is not a cheat and this video I have made and published on YT is aimed to help the player community. I am aware that probably a lot of people know about this possibility to earn cash with the grenade mod but what I found especially neat is the location for “farming” money from Chupacabra on Athenas where everything is close-by and you can earn about a Million in 1 hour at my lever of 26.

So, I hope this video will help new players (and seasoned alike) to earn the so-much needed cash for SDU-u and all other expensive things in the game and best of all you do not have to us eit if you don’t want to! :grinning:

Link to YT video:


You should try Jabbermogwai, spawn a lot and let the money roll


If you have the DLC, theres a treasure room at the end that you can farm along with the final boss for the DLC. that treasure room has a couple million in it just waiting to be picked up.
After an afternoon of farming jack bot and his scrooge mcduck vault, i have 60 million unspent

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Are you picking up all the guns and selling? Just cash alone is only like 50-100k (which is still not bad)

I am at level 26, just finished Athenas :slight_smile: So this method is OK for now.

I have finished the Jack’s casino DLC but did not find this treasure room…ah well…

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If you are playing in the DLC smashing each slot machine gives 10k and they seem to “regenerate” after a short amount of time. Many times after clearing an area with a lot of those slots I just run around the room smashing them and by the time I make a loop around the room many of them can be smashed again. Make sure you don’t interact with them as that only gives 3k. Smashing them gives you the 3k from the drawer and 7k from inside.

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I am playing mayhem 4 in tvhm. So the amount of cash picked up is greatly increased.
I stopped picking up and selling weapons halfway through my farming session, because I now have more money than i’ll ever need.

If you have the DLC IMO the best cash farm is that first casino room where you get the side quest to help that guy get his luck back. If you play on TVHM M4 the room is filled with breakable slot machines. Loot them all (faster if you just shoot them all tbh) and collect cash and random items if some turn out to be mimics. Game seems to respawn or reset the non mimics if you move a certain distance away from them.

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The more money you have the more it costs to New-U, while I don’t believe any player would ever run broke lol it would be possible to die enough and not pick up gear to a point that buying ammo became out of your price range all of a sudden.

Nice legit way to earn some cash. If you have the grenade at appropriate level.

That’s what my wife did to purchase some backpack sdu. I did a run or two and you do get a valuable amount per run.

You would have to not pick any money up or sell anything to get that low.

I’ve seen it happen to my nephew lol he’s only 8yrs old but it happened.

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At mayhem 4 Graveward drops about 180k every time you kill him, which takes about 30 seconds at most. You can literally farm several million out of him in less than half an hour of playing.

I stopped picking up weapons to sell long ago. It takes too long. In the time it takes just to sort through and sell a single load of guns while standing in front of the vending machine I could kill Graveward 3-4 times and get over 500k.

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At which player level do you get this kind of cash?
I have finished the DLC at level 25 and I got around 30-80 $ from each machine, nowhere near the thousands you speak about.

Again, you are talking about playthrough number 5-6?? At player level 50?
I am at my first playthrough and am at level 26–so this amount of cash to earn that I discovered( 1 Mil in 1 hour) is pretty awesome for my current level and game progress IMHO. :slight_smile:


It is. :wink:
It’s a good use of the Cheddar Shredder. You need to have it at the right level at the right time so it’s good to know. There’s probably other areas you can do this. (Eden-6 and the Jabbermogwai is the obvious one.)

I just learned about that area in a somewhat related video. This one is farming purple gear.


Crap, me either. I looked around thinking there had to be something, but found nothing. Dammit!!!

Your english is perfect and always great to see new ways to get cash. I’m going to try this with Amara as I’m leveling her now.

I also found with the casino DLC if you go around and smash the slot machines that are powered on you get a ton of cash. On my level 50 FL4K I was getting anywhere from $8-22k each.

Cheers and great vid.


shoot jakobs barrel with night flyer is best . easy max money by holding down trigger