How to edit campaign tables?

Hello all, new to modding! I really want make something similar to the “Engagements” mod but for the campaign (more for personal use than anything else, if I can get it to work maybe I’ll upload it).

So the main problem is balancing the ships/structures that are not part of our initial fleet, like the transports from mission 2, the shipyard in mission 3, the sajuk dreadknought, the big gate structure in mission 15 I think (balcora gate), and of course, Sajuk itself.

I have managed to unpack the .big files for the ships. But my main issue is just not knowing were to find these specific files and how to make sure that my changes affect the campaign and not just skirmish.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Just to confirm, I just need to edit the the following line for health right?:

NewShipType.maxhealth=getShipNum(NewShipType, “maxhealth”, 240000)

Edit 2: What about capture tables for the marine frigates?

You need to edit the ship files in data/ship/xxx/xxx.ship

These files will affect single player and multiplayer, although some ships are only used in single player.

You are correct about the health line.

I’m not sure what you mean by capture tables?

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Thanks for the response!

By capture tables, I mean the amount of time it takes for a marine/capture frigate to actually capture something. With the increased health, it will be impossible to destroy them before they capture something. Basically, I would like to know how to extend the time of the ability to “capture”.

Any idea were I can find the health lines for all the ships that aren’t actually part of your fleet? (bishop transports, sajuk dreadknought, etc…)

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All the ships are in data/ships/ whether or not they are sp ships. The Bishop Transports are confusingly called sp_tanker for some reason… Misc sp ships usually have the meg_ prefix. You can edit their health like any other ship. The ones you asked about are kpr_dreadnought and kpr_sajuuk.

The capture time is defined in the target ship, not the marine/infiltrator frigate. This is the line:


Change the 45 to something else to change the capture time. The 0.5 is a factor applied to the ship’s speed whilst it is being captured.


This is great! Thanks so much for the help Dom2!

So, after much searching, I have managed to find those sp and misc ships I wanted, but they are in an excel table (shipstats.xlms) in the HW2ships.big file. They do not have their own files like all the other ships. Are they hidden or something?

Sorry for all the questions!

Once again, thanks for the responses!

Edit: Nevermind! I finally found them!!! Thanks so much! Hopefully I can get it working!

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That shipstats.xlms isn’t used in game.
Those ships you’re trying to find may be in Homeworld2.big or HW1Ships.big.

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Yeah Liuruoyang, I found them there! Thanks!

So. I uploaded my mod and everything, but none of my changes took affect… Nothing in single player or skirmish.

Main files I edited are from the Homewolrd2.big and HW2Ships.big.

Lines I edited were mainly the health lines and the capture lines that Dom2 showed me.

Any help on how to get them to work would be appreciated, thanks!

Did you use the command line switch to run the game? You need to:

  1. Put your files in the Homeworld directory /data/ships/
  2. Create a shortcut to the game exe file
  3. Edit the “target” of the shortcut to have “-overridebigfile” at the end

So basically I should override the vanilla files outside of the mod?

I’ll try that out later tonight! At work now so I cant test it out now :frowning:

So I stopped trying to make a mod and just changed the files much like you suggested.

It works!!! Shame I couldnt make it work as a mod, but I can still enjoy it myself.

Thanks for all the help Dom2! And to Liuruoyang as well!

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What do you mean? Were you trying to use the workshop tool? That is more for when you want to publish a mod…