How to effectively use Kid ultra?

Recently shed out the money for Kid Ultra and honestly I have to say I’m very unimpressed. His main attack is really slow and make it very innaccurate and the damage is meh. Then the support drones seem to be really good but at the same time the stationary drones makes him worse than ambra because at least ambra’s sunspots do damage and aren’t sitting ducks waiting to be shot down. Every helix build I try just feels so lackluster and I’m honestly wondering how people play kid ultra and play him effectively. Literally any advice at all would be very helpful because I am lost as far as kid ultra goes (which is also very upsetting because im bad with most of the support classes and I really want to be good at using kid ultra)

I haven’t played much since his Nerf, so not sure how much his damage has dropped BUT before the patch he was pretty solid in both damage and as a healer.

I almost never used his Primary; almost exclusively shot his Secondary towards a wave or even a single enemy. As you stated his damage is slow and not impressive, so a 3-shot burst in a spiral is helpful.

Fire off Bolas as much as possible, preferably into a wave. I usually spam it off cooldown, a lot of his damage used to come off his Bolas.

AoE drones are a must if you’re the only healer. Just throw them out onto corners/behind pillars/etc. Spam them as well once they come off cooldown go to the “healing” area you chose and plop one down.

Stay at a distance and fire your vortex, slow waves with Bolas, rinse and repeat.

Use your ULT to burst heal allies. Use it for its push-back/hard CC to save an ally being chased, use it for escapes.

Btw, if you didn’t know you can actually refund KU’s purchase and buy another character. Just be careful you have a total of 3 refunds EVER. You might want to save it for Plat purchases rather than Credits. (although 47,500 credits are a lot).

Hope this helped a bit.

P.S: As far as gear goes, Reload Speed, Skill Damage, Heal Power, Attack Damage, Attack Speed. All those gear go well with KU. I usually go full damage so Reload, Attack Damage, and Skill Damage is what I normally run.


First stationary drones can heal up to 2250 while ambra sunspot lvl2 680.

You need a lot of cooldown if you want to go with single drones other wise u will handicap your team.

First his r2 has good aoe for minions waves while l2 gives a burst of dmg at middle/ close range.

There are two ways to build ku.

Helper and healer.

Helper focuse on right tree (lvl 5 middle or left for the dmg boost) with attack power, bolas is to finish low hp targets and stationary drones are used to heal less and attack more.

Healer go left helix and focuse on cd gear then heal power (lvl 5 right), bolas is for minion waves.


Uhh,I think its the other way around, with a single drone you can attack more due to freedom of movement with healing rather than standing still. Wouldn’t it make more sense to put single in helper and stationary in healer

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I stopped playing Kid Ultra after his nerf. He feels lackluster to me now.

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U drop a drone and forget about healing, at that point is up to ur team to find the drone and heal themselves.

Unlike ambra, she needs to keep the sunspot up and attack less.

With target drones is rly stressfull to miss a crucial drone. They end up in the enemy area or your team is blind and wont pick them and activly avoid them. You need to line up ur drones.


Hmm, I’ll take your word for it, it’s been a while since I’ve played

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Haaa… Oh wow… How I envy some of you guys. I’m more likely to team with a unicorn than someone who seeks out healing.

I identify with the Kid more than I realized. “Someone’s getting nurtured wether they like it or not” indeed.

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just noticed kid ultra is labelled as a pusher. Kind of confused as to what he’s supposed to be pushing with no damage, and stupid long cooldowns on his support drones.

It’s on account of his passive, which gives everyone around him a boost. He’s meant to be up there with the actual pushers.

His primary attack, while it may seem like it is pitiful, at least does AoE damage. If you are concerned with low damage output, try taking Bola damage.

I play Kid Ultra as a healer most of the time, but here’s this stupid build I made for him focused on blowing stuff up: Kid Ultra Build: EXPLODE BOY

@Ashbweh Group up with a bud, don’t take aoe drones and stack them on one sniper like Toby, marquis or even ISIC. With the amp damage it work out to roughly 81% extra damage since the drones multiply each other. May not be the most efficient way of playing but it’s extremely fun and hilarious to watch a marquis one shot an Alani.


There’s more than two ways. “Selfish Kid Ultra” is a thing.


Crank cooldowns and play him as he’s intended… put drones on teammates and use your bolas to slow escaping enemies for your teammates to finish them off.

From my testing a while back Kid Ultra had literally the lowest dps in the game on both primary and secondary (ie. his primary is worst in the game and his secondary is second worst) but he has AOE on both. So you should be shooting nothing but minion waves for optimum efficiency. Clear minions and let your teammates focus on single target damage.

Oh and also use the bolas and drone to reload cancel nearly every reload.

KU works brilliantly with high mobility squishy characters and roamers (eg. Caldarius) due to them being able to receive healing while being completely independent.

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@HandsomeCam see what’s getting put out?

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Ugh… I’m done doomsaying. LET people stack drones on Toby and get consumed by the power. I warned them! I warned ALL of them!


Kid Ultra is best utilized as a pure support.
He is very difficult to play as an attacker, and his support capabilities are a lot stronger than his attack capabilities. I usually run him with a “Heal power” booster to amplify his drones’ healing power on teammates. I also use reload speed and attack damage so he can actually defend himself long enough to get away.

Stay close to your teammates. Don’t rush into a load of enemies.

Kid Ultra’s passive, “Aura of Justice” gives your teammates a damage boost after you assist or make a kill when they stand next to you. So if you go along with your team and just participate in kills either with your drones or by firing rockets at the enemy, you will help the push.

Stay towards the back of the line, but still close to your teammates.

Pay attention to teammates health, and remember, you can drop a drone right in front of you, and pick it up to heal yourself. The goal as a support is to keep everyone in the game and fighting.

Personally, I find Ultra to be trash as an attacker. I pretty much only use him to support.

Use your bola snare to slow fleeing enemies. This will help your teammates to secure the kill. Also use it to slow down fast attackers, shield drones, and other high priority, high damage targets.

LEVEL 1 - LEFT - Signal in the Sky - Reduces cooldown of support drones. (More frequent use)
LEVEL 2 - LEFT - Shield Coil Module - Allows you to restore shields of allies instantly when you hit them directly with support drones. (The other two helixes are trash)
LEVEL 3 - LEFT - Missile Massacre - Allows you to fire more missiles before reloading. Useful for self defense.
LEVEL 4 - LEFT - Reassembling Drones - Further lowers cooldown of support drones when you hit enemies with your bola.
LEVEL 5 - All of these options are good. It’s just a matter of personal preference. If you want to help your allies hit harder longer with Aura of Justice, go with LEFT Hero in Training. If you want to make your allies hit even harder with Aura of Justice active go with CENTER Power of Friendship (unlocks when you hit a certain level with the character). If you want to heal allies with Aura of Justice instead of amplifying damage, select RIGHT Swarming Nanites. (If you’re with a team that loses health fast go right. If their health is good, keep the attack damage up and help the push)
LEVEL 6 - LEFT - Danger Drone - Amplifies the damage of your allies when hit with support drones in addition to health and shield recharge.
LEVEL 7 - LEFT - Smart Rockets - Use this if you want to increase your base damage (I usually select this to be able to hold my own in self defense as the enemy levels up) RIGHT - Turbo Mode - Use this if you are doing just fine in self defense and just need to get to your friends faster to support them.
LEVEL 8 - RIGHT - Support Network - Gives you more drones active at once. Help more people at the same time. The LEFT option is ok, I guess, but only if your team is sticking together. No point in doing burst heals on spawn if no one’s around to get it.
LEVEL 9 - Both good options. LEFT - Use this if enemies are clumped together often. Your bola will explode and slow them all. RIGHT - Use this if enemies are more solo. They’ll be stunned instead of slowed. Immobilize those buttholes.
LEVEL 10 - LEFT or RIGHT - Left lets you gradually heal nearby allies in rocket mode. RIGHT lets you damage enemies when you exit rocket mode. Actually… go with LEFT for the speedy team heals, then a burst heal to cap it off.

Hold on…

I mean… uh… man… I don’t play as Kid Ultra! Who the f**k does that?


I haven’t been playing Kid that much since the nerf, just because of the queue being random and me using other characters for things like capture, but I think he’s still good. And he does good damage. He did great damage which is why he was nerfed.

First off is that the bolas hit hard and travel really fast. I take the dot at lvl one and use them to finish off people who are weakened or running away. This was one of the things that got nerfed.

The second thing is that you exclusively use the three rocket burst as soon as you can. You take the extra rockets at lvl 3 and then the addition to base damage later. For gear I run a blue reload item that gives reload speed plus extra reload speed for 5 seconds after a reload. Also an attack dmg/ attack speed gauntlet. Set him up this way, with the right helix choices and his waveclear is great. You just keep blasting from the rear and use the bolas on weak targets.

As for healing, just place stationary drones and use the ult to help people getting focused as necessary.


Out of curiosity, what are other people’s opinions of kid ultra since the patch nerf? Are your gear load outs different now than they were pre patch?

They just don’t understand… :sob:. Remember that maximum Toby pic I sent a while back? Only a few understand the wake of destruction left behind…@dantesolar knows this all too well. :cold_sweat: