How to enter guts of carnivora? (Bug from latest patch?)

Ho how to enter it? I see the entrance but no button promp to emter it, i have try all of ways using vehicle jumping it, watch youtunlbe, still can’t enter it. Is this bug in latest pqtch?

Maybe just quit the game and re-enter. This fixes most of these kinds of issues in my experience.

Manage to enter it, but i must restart the game! This is a bug gear box, please fix this. Yes recycled organ is correct, i can’t enter it after defeat the vehicle, restart fix the bug. I assume this bug introduced in latest patch because there are no problem when i watch youtube walktroughs, but they play before the patch.

I have the same problem. Let’s try to restart the game

For me, the machine (outside the front gate) that eats the golden car glitched out; the car was flying all over the place and didn’t fit through the gate/sawblades. I assumed this was why the gate would not open. I could see the entrance behind it but could not walk through. Luckily restarting the game fixed it. The gate was open after that. Hard to believe a bug like that made it through testing!