How to enter new DLC?

The other stuff was easy to find, but I see no special quest markers or new places to travel too?

I bought the super deluxe edition on steam, is this an epic exclusive for awhile or am I missing something?

If you read the other threads on the forum you would learn that it is not released for a couple of hours yet.

I make it about 3 hours time for me in the UK.

Normally by 5pm GMT but has been as late as 9pm…

12PM PST is 1900 GMT I think.

I won’t even load up BL until about 6h after it drops as I’ll be doing my Destiny stuff, then scraptraps are gonna die hehehe.


Thought they say 9am PST.

Just went to add ons and started download in UK…

They did, I’m waiting on the 6 gig patch to finish right now.

Yeah I’m getting it as well, still won’t be playing it till later, oh my self restraint is formidable. :grin:

I’m not so good at restraint…

It will be released at 12:00pm PST

It is actually out now at 9:00am PST and I am playing it =)

I am so confused. I bought the new DLC today, thought I downloaded it, launched the game, accepted ‘The Invitation’ but then I could not navigate to the new planet as it does not appear on the list of possible places to go.
So I exit the game and check my Epic Games launcher and check out my DLCs. Moxxie’s (DLC#1) looks fine, but the entry for Guns, Love and Tentacles (DLC#2) is ‘greyed out’. I select the button to the right to green but then I do not see anything downloading.

User Error on my part?

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PSA: There’s currently a bug on Epic and they are working to fix it.
You did nothing wrong, just a minor fuckup on Epics side that will hopefully be resolved soon

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The Epic (fail) Store downloaded a big patch but DLC says it’s not installed, nor can I see any option to install it ingame or in store. But yeah I have zero experience with Epic Fail Launcher so I can’t be sure I’m not overlooking anything.

I SO WISH I waited that 1.5 month more and got the Steam version instead… got impatient and now I’m stuck with this useless thing.

lets hope


I’ve waited this long I guess an hour or 2 won’t kill me.

Restart launcher and activate DLC

Not working.