How to farm the "Kaoson"?

in the doc, it says that its a dedicated drop from traunt
i killed him few times without a drop
would you say that pandora even has a greater chance or farming traunt?

btw, is it “confirmed” already that it cant drop with fire damage?
i would really like to try it but i think when it cant drop with fire damage, it wont make sense in the first place

As always specific/dedicated loot has low chance to drop and is not boosted by Mayhem modifiers.

Drop by traunt in athenas.

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yea, but not very frequently

That’s your problem here.
Go kill him more, he drops it. It just has horrible drop rates, MH10 drop rates are a joke in very bad taste.


well, i could also continue farming in the droughts
its also unclear if its more effective to farm the sickle from the warden or from pandora since dedicated drops just SXXK

…the kaoson world drops?

I suspect that they will both suck. I am averaging a dedicated drop ever 12-15 runs. I have some kaoson (only one full auto so, yeah…) and only one monarch in like 20 Killa runs.

IIRC, when I used to farm warden for my sickles the situation was the same. The only problem now is that also the world drops are shaite in MH10

yea but you heared from the loot event right?
killing enemies in the droughts will drop like 20 smgs in 10 minutes
but not a single kaoson

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That’s a strange way of spelling “ahaha you moron, you just wasted 4h farming the wrong area”.

nah, i just…dont know if we are talking with the same informations here

I was joking. The kaoson drops only from traunt, it just has very bad drops rates, that’s all.

why cant it be a world drop? o.o
i mean, every gun should be a possible world drop besides wotan, no?

Uhm, no. There are guns which can’t WD and are enemy locked. Think of the tsunami, for example, that drops ONLY from katagawa ball (and has similar droprates). Or the 9volt, from Killavolt.

oh ok then
poor traunt

i fond one
no full auto so i have to use my auto mouse theme xD
i really hope there is a fire version
i like how the gun operates
oh nice, now i found a fully automatic radiation one

next run: a double penetrating one xD
i think i broke traunt xD

can confirm :3



I’ve had the Yellowcake drop 3 different times farming for the decoder rings on Athenas. Is it not specific to the Ultraviolet bosses?

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It prolly dropped from the underbosses that spawn from the cartels you kill for the rings


Damn…I’m so jelly. I been trying to get a fire based Kaoson for my incendiary Old God Amara build and a cryo based one (or any) with the 150 radiation under 50 health anointment but I haven’t seen any of those. I have about 7 total but only a couple at M8 and none at M10 so most are subpar for M10 play.