How To Fix Every Zane Legendary COM

Greetings all,

This post has been a long time coming. I do think Zane has the worst collection of Legendary COMs of all the character. I am talking more so from an Impact standpoint and a build diversity standpoint. I think his lack of impactful class mods has fed into his perception as a bad VH.

I want to clarify, that I’m not trying to make whole new COM unless the Mod is close to unusable.

Just a reminder of what the current COMs do for those that do not know. Below I’ll explain what is wrong, and how to fix if any is needed.

The Legendary Cold Warrior
The Bad:
The Legendary Cold Warrior is a BAD com. It was slightly better thanks to the recent patch where Trick of the light was changed from Shock to Cryo. Making it the only Cryo related skill on a cryo COM(notice how before it had no cryo skill buffs). Additionally, a status effect on frozen enemies does not do significant damage on Zane, a character who has ZERO elemental affinity outside of Cryo. A fire dot on a M4 Mob is basically friendly tickling. Not even aggressive tickling!

How to Fix:
I would change the skills. First, Everything but Trick of the light will be replaced with Brain Freeze, and Refreshment. Easier to freeze and gaining lifesteal off of frozen targets. Additionally, I would make it so Zane does BONUS(i.e. Multiplicative) Cryo damage to Frozen targets .

The Legendary Executor
The Bad:
Not much except for the fact that this mod once again buffs Status Effect Chance and Status Effect Damage on a character that doesn’t do status effect dots good in the first place. Other than that, basically one of Zane’s better mods.

How to Fix:
Id take off the status effect chance and status effect damage buffs. To replace this nerf, I will add a passive that Zane does increased damage to enemies under 35-50%(either or) health/armor/shield. If a boss has all 3 bars, then at the 35%/50% point of that specific bar, Zane will do increased damage. This is in line with the theme behind “Executing your targets”.

The Legendary Infiltrator
The Bad:
This mod gives up ALOT(Shields) for what I think is mediocre buffs. I just think it can be tuned up slightly. Other than that, This is Zane’s BEST MOD by far.

How to Fix
Mod is in a good place. Might need a slight tune up but not needed. I think if the skill “Like a Ghost” was buffed, it’d help alot.

The Legendary Shockerator
The bad:
The shock Nova is too weak. That’s it. But I have an idea to make this synergize better in general.

How to Fix:
The Shock nova should be changed to a cryo nova with a chance to freeze. It should keep the ability to stagger and buff the damage drastically on the nova. This is Zane’s grenade COM and it should be EXPLOSIONS?!?!?!?!. I also think a neat idea is that a passive be added that allows Zane to throw the Clone as a grenade lob. That way I’m not risking death to position the clone to get melee’d.

The Legendary Techspert
The Bad:
The mod is poorly thought out and badly executed. I believe it is in contention for the worse Legendary COM in the game. Even if it was buffed with a higher chance to proc the refund, Zane has MANY ways of keeping his Drone going(which by the way has the longest duration anyhow). Not only that, All the skills it buffs are Barrier tree skills. Why is it a drone related passive then?

Hot To Fix
I think all the Skills needs to be changed out of the Barrier tree. It needs to be a better Drone mod. Cold Bore, Salvation, Cool Hands, Death Follows Close, Good Misfourtune, and Borrowed Time are all skills I’d consider in any make up to replace what was there. Also an Increase to the recharge proc chance SIGNIFICANTLY
Special EDIT: I had a different idea up but posters below gave WAAAYYYYY better ideas and I agree with them regarding this mod. I changed my OP post to reflect my new position. Special Thanks to @kabflash @acpn22 and @jbow2020 and @bvhjdbvkjf.unhacked

Last but not least, The new COM from the takedown DLC. I will try to leave my personal opinion out of it because I actually hate the CONCEPT of this mod. I will focus on improvement of what the Developers intended.*

The Legendary Antifreeze Mod
The Bad:
This mod doesn’t do what it says it does. It does not make you immune to being slowed. The biggest offense. I’d also say that the 25% damage reduction on slide is inconsequential. Finally, 40% damage increase while jumping doesn’t make up in the lost of speed when jumping. You are losing the speed and damage multiplier at the start of the jump only to gain some of it back at the end of the jump. Really the mod only shines when free falling

How to Fix:
Make the passive 100% immune to slow. This will allow Zane’s to use Elemental Projector Effects with Cryo without Drawbacks. Other than that, Never make a meme mod again. We are done with Sliding and Jumping.

This is all. Long Post. I’d like some feedback because it took me awhile to draw this all up


On the techspert, having the barrier up indefinitely is a no go. We already have CCC. It either needs to switch to the barrier and allow for all barrier augments to work when you pick up the barrier, or stay with the drone, increase the chance to at a minimum 25% and increase say cold hands, salvation and some skill on the barrier tree.

I would prefer the executor gave a bonus damage to the first shot, maybe even cryo to synergies with cold bore. Your idea is still good.

The less we talk about antifreeze the better. I like your other ideas as well.

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Just so you know this is part of what makes it a lot easier to get CCC procs with Executor. The status damage I don’t think helps any. But this is in my opinion Zane’s strongest com already. It provides the most damage boost and buffs good skills.

Agree with @acpn22 about Techspert. It’s a SNTL com instead of changing it to be Barrier, it should just do a better job at being a SNTL com. The chance to refresh needs to be much higher then 5%. I think the idea with this one is for non CCC builds, and to allow keeping SNTL up without it. But it just falls way short of it’s mark.

Other then that, pretty good stuff.

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Agreed, it should be 10-20%. I actually can never get it to proc before cool down even finishes.


So my question for you guys is that do you see value in the drone being recharged in duration and cooldown randomly. Me personally, I didn’t. And then I looked at the skills and realized it was all defense skills so what does the drone contribute to that? Not much.

I think it at least needs it’s skills to be changed to Drone tree skills. My personal preference is Salvation, Cold Bore, and Cool hand. The reason why is because, if this mods objective is to allow you to use something other than CCC, additional skill points in that tree are not helpful because you shouldn’t be to far in that tree if you are avoiding CCC.

This I agree to, however my preference would actually be to have it contribute to death follows close and 2 other skills. I don’t get why other characters get boosts to /1 skills and Zane gets zilch…


I like this idea. As I mentioned it needs to do a better job at being a SNTL com, which currently it does almost zero for even though it’s the obvious intention of it.

Death Follows close would be a great one to add to it. A lot of classes get doubles on their 1 point skills. This com giving +1 DFC would make it super strong for seeing red builds and give it a reason to exist.


I actually Wanted to say Death Follows Close, but the Developers are very scared of buffing Zane so I talked myself out of it. My only issue also is that a buff to death follows close, makes the techspert mod a better Executor mod than the executor mod.

Interesting point of view, but buffing DFC and the percentage chance for drone to stay up would make it more about prolonging Zane’s skills - Executor is about stacking more damage.

Perhaps if borrowed time and good misfortune were the other two skills it would still seem more like a techspert? I think boosting Salvation in the executor mod instead of good misfortune would be better too.


Ahhh I see. Tso in a sense Techspert is about Stacking Time rather than Damage. Making a clear difference between Techspert and Executor. Executor is about killing. Techspert is about Mastery over your gadgets, i.e. keeping them out as long as possible. Love that thought Process.


I agree with the changes, but SNTL does have a long cool down, felt more so with loss of guardian ranks. I can use shield or clone almost twice before SNTL is ready.

It’s own com to do so as pointed by others, helps with saving skill points else where. While 5% to proc, of I dunno,… kill 20 enemies and it might reset,… is ridiculous. Most the time I get it to proc has been 5 sec from cool down anyway and not worth it. If it was a 1 in 4 or 5 chance on a kill to reset it, there we got an awesome mod.

Well it’s what I would like, I’ve yet to try a CCC build because I can never pick between dropping kill skills or the clone when I do stand in front of a customization station.

I’m sure some day I’ll switch it up for a change, but if I can keep my kill skills and have my action skills up for more of the combat I’ll be happy.

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I didn’t want anything to niche like I feel cold bore in concept kinda is.

I have question are you sure Status Effect Chance Effects Cryo Efficiency. I was under the impression that, Cryo efficiency is dependent on how much health the target has left before it can have a chance to be frozen.

It’s a cryo efficiency vs damage equation. If for example you are using a +cryo SNTL anoint, then yes status effect chance is going to improve it. I notice the difference in ease of freezing targets when I swap from Executor to Anti-Freeze. So all Brain Freeze does is give you free slow stacking when you crit. But if you ignore that, then the base cryo chance to slow has to do with how much damage you do vs it’s efficiency.

Mind you I have not done scientific testing. This is all based off how it feels when I use them. My assumption is that “status effect chance” boosts the efficiency, which helps the damage vs efficiency equation.

Ok I see. Then I’d like to say I don’t think the Status Effect Chance being taken away would significantly effect anyone who wants to use CCC. Brain Freeze kinda has the covered. It’s a small price to pay. I think increased damage to foes under a certain health bar would be far more beneficial for the mod and stay in line with “executing”. But thanks for letting me know the consequence of getting rid of that status effect passive

That’s kind of the thing. That’s where it helps. So like. A BF crit gives you a 20% slow, you need to get to 100% slow to get a freeze right. Well, say you miss some crits, but have a cryo weapon or cryo SNTL anoint, so your hits are still adding to that slow stacking, getting you closer to that 100% slow for the freeze. This is where it helps.

I personally don’t think you need to remove anything from the COM to add what you want to it. All of our coms already underperform compared to many other VH coms, so I think it’s fair to just buff them and not trade stuff on them.

Then you have to consider, it’s already better to match hp bars to your weapon damage. So using shock or rad vs shield, this is again a thing Executor status effect chance/damage will buff.

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I still wanna know what our Cryo Efficiency is without a Cryo Weapon. Hahaha. Like. With Cold Bore and Trick of the Light.

I really like the cold warrior idea.

I feel like Zane was supposed to be lightning and ice…but they missed some ideas in the cross way and then we wound up with this. Like…maybe they wanted to not encroach on Amara’s shock. But now we have what we have. Idk.


I think executor is fine as is. If I would change is would be to add some bonus damage.

Gearbox isn’t giving anything nice or easy to Zane. Making the proc at least 25% means in four kill something should happen. Even if you only use seeing red twice that hopefully would trigger the com. Because there are so many skills dependent on action skills being up on the clone tree if you extend the drone through the com it will smooth out some of those benefits. It allows you to explore some builds where blowing up the clone or having it dies within 5s won’t grind you to a crawl.

As we don’t have any com that is barrier specific I would rather they change it to the barrier. Right now it’s useless.