How To Fix Every Zane Legendary COM

Alternatively, they could change it to affect all action skills and rather than on kill, have a small chance (5% would be fine in that context) to trigger when dealing gun damage like one of Fl4ks mods does. That could make it a nice alternative for people who don’t wanna spec into the Undercover tree seeking to get an action skill refresh.

Thanks I am proudest and most confident in my cold warrior idea

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Yeah I did forget to mention that I also really like this one. Would give it a niche, but might be too strong paired with an Icebreaker is my only concern. Just depends how much bonus vs frozen they gave it.

Also like the Anti-Freeze one which is basically what all Zane players have said since they saw the com. Another thing that could add is if it removed the ‘required sprint frames’ needed for sliding. So basically Zane would be able to instantly enter a slide no matter his speed or sprint status while using this com.


I feel like, if they wanted to, they could make it so the com would Over Write any Ice Breaker Bonus instead of adding to it. Make it better than Ice Breaker, but impossible to stack. Sorta like we can’t stack 50 percent damages. Like, the game could only read One Efficiency Boost and One Damage To Frozen boost.

Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s how this would work anyways :joy:

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So I thought about the Icebreaker connection What decidied for me was that, it’s similar to elemental projector except you have to be aiming at a frozen target. So it’s a more conditional Elemental Projector and its for possibly the worst element.

That’s also why I chose Cryo as the bonus damage as well. Can’t match the element when you want. Kinda self balancing.


…absolutely misread that originally! Lol.

what are you referring to? The Cryo Damage bonus idea?

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Cold warrior is only good because of synchronicity, I would not be happy to see that removed. However making this an icebreaker on a com would be great.
Status effect chance and damage is actually better than you think on executor, a lot of people don’t put it into practice.
Techspert is awful lol, even the really expensive jacket point that could be insane only goes up to 65% or whatever.
And yes natifreeze needs to actually prevent slows, although I don’t dislike the com otherwise. Maybe make it easier to get the 40% or give us a higher damage buff for sliding/jumping. I also don’t think CCC builds want this com at all for obvious reasons.

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I’m running a CCC build with Clone and Barrier and Antifreeze com, and a Splattergun Artifact.

…I’m a special kind of weird though


I thought about the Synchronicity aspect which is why I thought about adding more damage to the COM via an Icebreaker like interaction would save it. I am also open to Synchronicity staying and brain freeze not being added to the COM(since brain freeze is plenty powerful). The only issue is, that If i had done that the mod might have been too unbalanced. I am open to your thoughts on it.

I was just told in this thead by others that status effect chance is actally very helpful for CCC builds. I think I’ll amend that part once I get some more concrete evidence that status effect chance and damage effects Cryo Eff.

Regarding the AntiFreeze part, I agree that CCC build shouldn’t want it but I was trying to think of a better reason than" DUH THE ANTIFREEZE MOD SHOULD PREVENT BEING CRYO’D!!!" Lol. So i just added the ELemental Projector Angle.

there’s nothing wrong with that, I just have the belief it’s not good to jump while using barrier since your feet are your weak spot, but sliding is okay with me lol

I’m actually using it in my CCC build right now mostly because the skills it gives (violent momentum and speed, supersonic man). I like the aspect of moving fast and trying to be accurate with my crit shots to get that freeze. It’s very satsifying. I don’t ever use the sliding part, but I do make use of the jumps, I don’t bunny hop around but I jump when it makes sense.

So wait, The Elemental Projector angle IS a good angle?! Yes!

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Elemental projector angle is very interesting and could lead to some unique item choices like prioritizing guns with splash to cryo yourself or playing around with area of effect grenades for that. Also goes with + cryo anointments, cold bore, etc.

It’s like the red suit + elemental projector builds youtube is always recommending me for FL4K, where you self-irradiate to boost your gamma burst anoints. But cryo wouldn’t struggle vs COV armor. I like it


Exactly. I actually this its very weird that Zane is the only vault hunter who cant use his Elemental Affinity(Cryo), effectively with an elemental projector at all. It strikes me as odd. So I saw antifreeze as a way of doing that.

I know im buffing my own thread but just got an idea.

Shockerator should make the digi clone work exactly like gamma Burst’s activation does. You can aim where you want to the clone to spawn at and that would trigger an explosion. That way you can put him situations where he can taunt enemies and get melee’d.