How to fix hitbox lag?

it pisses me off so bad SOO SOO BADDD.

my hits sometimes just WONT LAND no matter if my crosshair is on the person or not.

it really ruins the game experience and makes it frustrating.

i know im a good shot (not the best). ive been playing shooter games for over 10 years. i think i can land a few shots.

in this game sometimes it gets so bad that a person can be running STRAIGHT at you (no side to side movement)… your crosshair can be right on them… they are 5 feet away. but your bullets somehow dont land? WTFFFFF???

it really ruins the game.

sometimes i go 15-0 when the hitboxes are working right, but just last game i went like 3-10… its impossible to hit the other players sometimes.

i dunno if its lag or what.

doesnt make sense.

it only happens sometimes.

anyone else have issues with your bullets not hitting? holy crap its so annoying. wish i could make a video for proof

bump. hoping to hear some ideas.

i hope the devs didnt do this hitbox lag thing on purpose to “balance” games out.

Same here. I’m totally getting pissed off.

I’m trying to wait as much as possible for the problem to be fixed, but it’s very very difficult not to write a ragereview on Metacritic/Steam.

It’s so ******* lagging that sometimes I can’t even melee kill a thorn, while she can arrow-hit me without any problem from close quarters. And this is totally random.

I’ve been playing shooters for 20 years now, never had this kind of problem with a decent connection.

see this all the time with montana when someone is in the air you cannot shoot them until they land, and you either stop shooting or retarget them by moving the crosshairs off and back on. anytime im midfield on overgrowth and someone jumps off the wall ive given up trying to chase them to the ground and just wait til they land and shoot. its the same when you knock someone into the air with the q choice of the dash ability, about half the time this results in not being able to hit them until they hit the ground and you look away or start firing again. seems like its only fully auto types or at least in my experience, as ive been successfully motion tracked through the skky by aimbotting marquis and died mid-air multiple times.

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I am having quite similar issue, but i thought maybe its because i have less RAM, going to buy a new RAM stick hopefully it will help . Really hoping its not my internet :confused: