How to fix Hyperion recoil Showdown bug?

I never noticed this before. When I shoot my two (OFEoY) T4s-R’s while in Showdown the recoil goes crazy. I can watch the sky while shooting and the weapons don’t lock on enemies. That’s extremely annoying. Is there some sort of fix or workaround?

Update: Here’s a workaround I found:

I haven’t yet bought / played borderlands: the per-sequel but since fps games (I’d like to word this as loosely) generally work off the same game mechanics theory, have you tried burst firing rather then full auto? Also if your character has the ability to still zoom target lock through the sites that may help. I’d check the games option screen to see if your aim assist in on too.

Thanks for your reply.

Yes, but then the screen is shaking the whole time. That’s hardly an improvement.

What do you mean by that?

Aim assist is off.

I’m not sure how duel wielding characters work in borderlands when it comes to using zoom but from what I know about playing BL: 2 while aim assist is active you can basically quick draw your targets. once you hit aim your weapon with temporally target fix onto who ever you’re shooting at. It takes a little bit of practice but that’s how I tend to use sniper rifles most efficiently.

OK, after some further testing it seems to happen only when I sprint and jump right before activating Showdown. So, I should avoid sprinting. :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry I couldn’t be more help, glad you’ve found a work around though

Thanks for trying. :wink:

I’ve had the same bug too, and you don’t need to have 2 tasers for it to affect you, you get that bug with only one too.

Glad you found a workaround Dank :slight_smile:

I’ve had that issue too, with any single weapon. I’ll have to pay attention and see if the sprinting/jumping is what causes it for me as well. Thanks!

what causes it is the hyperion guns. they have reverse recoil, and showdown offers massive recoil reduction. recoil reduction is normally a good thing, but with hyperion reverse recoil, it means even more recoil than you had to begin with.



This one. :slight_smile:


But that is all I do! LOL I sprint everywhere. Awe man…Good thing I don’t care about hyperion “Pistols” (that’s for you @Chuck80) on Nisha. :smile:


That only seem to happen with Hyperion pistols though. I never had that bug with my trusty Fatale or any shotguns.

you are correct. I use the glitched hyperion shotty’s from time to time. just because I love the visual of the glitch taking affect. and the the shotty’s you don’t like people discussing in here are on my fav list for shotty’s. which is hyperion. I should correct my prior post. Man, I really have to read my post before posting. you catch me on the literal stuff quite a bit. LOL

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Fatale always goes crazy during showdown for me, unless i ADS. didn’t know not running fixes it