How to fix Leavers

After playing this game to level 25 on the PS4 I have played a lot of multiplayer matches. While doing this there is nothing worse than playing a 5 v 5 match and having 1 player leave. Now this should get the remaining 4 characters more experience which gives them a better chance for a while. But as soon as the remaining 4 players cap out at level ten there is no where for them to go so the other team will eventually dominate them. This totally ruins the game especially when you have to finish the match before you can get into another one. The only choices therefore are to stay in the game and play even though you know you’ll lose or quit and go do something else for 5 min.

One simple way to fix this is to add a leaver percentage to the game. This is a system the Hero Of Newerth uses and I think it works well. Basically every time a player quits a game early it gets recorded and is used to calculate a percentage out of their total games played. If this percentage ever gets over a certain amount like 10% they get automatically get put in games with other leavers until the percentage drops. This helps give people a reason to stay even if they don’t do well in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Any thoughts on how you feel about the leaver situation would be awsome.


True the only exception I would put with that is disconections. I have been seeing alot of disconections and I had my fair share of them. I would be sad of I was punish because of that.

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I don’t think leavers/disconnects should be punished, but I do think adding an option to let players in during an active game would be OK if teams are not full.

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A kicking system would be fine too, then once kicked the xp goes up more. The game already recognizes leavers with ZZZZ over their head. The bodies necessary on maps is valuable enough that even with exp gain a 4 v 5 with a small xp boost would not be a horrible idea.

Why should the game not punish you for this? Almost every game vaguely of this genre punishes you for abandoning. It isn’t CoD/CS where it just throws another player in. You would either be playing that persons character, or you would be picking a different character and blowing up any kind of team comp they previously had. Not to mention currently for most teams being a man down is almost automatically a loss. I would love to see a punishment system implemented.

I would like it if a bot takes the place.


I like the idea! It is way better than dealing with a team who has an extra player on the team. I know it’s not like the other games where having one player less doesn’t mean an instant result of a loss. However in my experiences throughout playing the beta I always had this intuition that if a player left the match or disconnected, then I know that I’d lose with a barrage of minions, mercenaries and hero attacks. I’ve never won a game where I’d have the 4 players and they’d still have the full 5. It’d be interesting to see this idea in place.

He’s referring to people who suddenly lose connection for whatever reason. Sometimes they can reconnect, sometimes they can’t. The punishment system where adding a percentage does seem to work better though, as people who aren’t actually ragequitting should bring their score down quickly, while still encouraging quitters to stop being so fussy.

In the 10ish years I haven’t left or missed a single moba game due to a disconnect. I used to take it to the point in my old neighborhood where I wouldn’t play if there was a thunderstorm because there was some ■■■■■■■ who wouldn’t trim his tree. Even if it is a disconnect based on internet outage it should still be punished if it happens multiple times. Once sure whatever who cares I guess, but if it is like 1 in 100 games that is still too much in my opinion. I know people who used to pull their plug in starcraft to get their opponent to leave the game so they could get a win in. If you can get out without a penalty for internet going out, people will abuse it.

Why can´t we have a bot take over until the player returns or someone new joins into the game (should that ever become an option)?
As I introduced folks to the game during the Beta I played a few games with bots and I did not get the impression that they are particularly bad. Sure, they often let you get away when they could chase and finish you off relatively safely and similar things … but in any case a defensive acting bot should be better than being short a character, or not? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can think of a number of ways to help those teams who are missing players without having to rewrite much to do it. Like in Meltdown mode the team with missing players would get more points per minion based on how many players were left or said minions would have a larger HP pool, make buildable cost more or less depending on the number of players and conversely make them do more dmg or heal depending on the number of players available too. There are so many small passive ways of dealing with this that i don’t know why they aren’t in place already, i mean, in BL and even here enemies already scale in solo so the system is already there anyway.

Dealing with DCs is a little trickier though but i liked the system where you were “permitted” to DC for an amount of times before you could only play against other players on the same situation. Like disconnect 3 times in the last 10 games and you’ll be transferred to a different pool of players in the same situation, a toxic pool. Flag the games in this pool and makes player only get half the benefits of a normal game.

I’m pretty sure the z’s are when the server kicks due to inactivity

I’m pretty sure it knows the difference between getting disconnected and quiting. From there you can just punish the quitters. I also believe it will be better at launch. Its already is a mild punishment to have to wait out the match. I think once it’s people that own the game and their progress is permanent it will naturally decrease.

Punishing ragequitters by moving them to a different player pool and reducing their rewards for the next game sounds good but the most important thing is still to guarantee a fair and enjoyable experience for the 4 remaining players that actually are no jerks!

OK , most posts here is about how we can deal with rage quitters and leavers … various penalties can set for that , yeah.
but what about the games that there are actually leavers ? and this ruined the match for everyone.
I think leaving A.I plays for DC players its a good solution.(just like HoTS)
besides various penalties for player who leave or get dced.

I understand some ppl quit early for terrible reasons. I don’t mind the inactivity and being kicked because things happen. Maybe you put you child down for a nap but they woke up before the game ended. You can’t punish someone for being a parent and tending to their child. I know not every case is like that, but once you start handing out punishment it can send mixed messages. Now if a player is constantly/actively choosing to quit in back to back games, I can see where you can track that and punish them.

I’m an 34 year old man, If I let children take a nap : I play at a solo game.
It’s only when I know I will don’t be disturbed during an hour that I’m playing a multiplayer pvp game.

Yes I play less often, but I can be a Good Uncle , and an non toxic player.
(No it’s not my child ,but I already have to keep them for more than a week straight).

Riot (leagues of legend) has found the punishment : Deserter penalty : last time you launch a game :you will have to wait 5 minutes before joining the Queue.(If you do it again 15, and 30 after ,etc,etc…until you get ban)
Some competitive FPS use the same solutions.

They don’t care the reason (technic, child or whatever spawn into your life…) : You leave : You are punish.

I’m Sorry, It’s Not a mixed message :
It’s just say : if you can’t be at it during an hours straight Now,
play later, play less.

But don’t you facing the fact your ruining the fun of 4 other players because you can’t manage your time.
They don’t havee to lost 15 to 30 minutes because : YOUR choices ruin sometimes the only moment they can get to play in the week.

I play at some moba (lol,Smite) and some FPS (TF2,Paladins) since few years, I 've been AFK one time for conetions reasons.

I get a Penalty,
I thinks this penalty is Fair,

Yes on counterpart I play less than 4 times a week.
But it’s normal : everybody, not only ME, have the right to play at the game with a Fair chance to get a good moment.
If I’m ruining the other people pleasure because my connections is ■■■■■■, or because I have something else to do : it’s fair to be punish.

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I get there has to be some kind of punishment, but if some guy/girl goes afk because his/her significant other just fell down the stairs some how equates to him/her getting punished doesn’t seem right. At the end of the day it’s a game. With the technology we have today, you can clearly track if a player is doing it on purpose or not. Battleborn actually records the game data in game. Should be pretty simple to weed the real offenders of the game out. The goal is not to send unneeded punishment b/c it will turn away gamers that aren’t actually toxic. The next thing is what if you have a troll who won’t get on the activation plate but is running around. Should I have to punish myself by waiting on him because if I quit I’ll get punished. There are more factors to consider before any one way is the right way. I do think there needs to be a penalty system of some kind. The way Battleborn works now though, trolls can really make it hell for average gamers. I also don’t have a child. I was just trying to put into perspective that a child’s life is more important than punishing some gamer for being afk.

Yes : Machine learning can detect troll,
Most of game have this kind of features, but that take times to improve it so, that making better with gaming data, so I’m clearly sure than troll will be punished : let some time to gearbox to have enough user data before starting this.

But AFK need to be punished :
If someone fall down the stairs, (that don’t happen everyday) have a queue longer of 5 minutes the next times you play isn’t your main trouble.
If your child is in danger (that don’t happen everyday or you are a terrible caregiver), have a queue longer of 5 minutes the next times you play isn’t your main trouble.

If its a first time, you can get just a warning or a small punishment.
If that don’t happen often…You are not a pain for the other player.

There is the beauty of this system : they are progressive and resilient.

Machine learning can’t know why you are AFK and disconnection are easy to make (LOIC use from a zombie/distant computer on a dydns system can make think to gearbox it’s not the players fault*, and just unplug your box is really easy).

The only thing that kind of system can count is the main factor : frequency.
And by the way frequency are also a good point to view the negative impact you have on the game.

And obviously if the gearbox servers down , at least Gearbox will make unactive the penalty system, the time to improve connection quality.
Same if the Dydns provider, or other service providers (steam) are the cause of massive disconnection.

So : I’m for : Deserter penalty system on the PVP part of the game : based on a progressive scaling of punishment.

(* ): user aready use this strategy on some game but to force the disconnection of the ennemy team : a darknet website was make to pay and automatised this service. So it’s not so sci-fi.

Edit : Just to say it : LOIC is a software use for stress test on server (As a webmaster I already have to use it myself on my own HOME server (not on my providers server) ) . But some user use it to make DDOS attack.

Let me clear something up, I am not advocating serious action against someone who has a couple abandons a year. If you disconnect once every 2-3 months your a terrible person(j/k), I understand life happens. If you are having an emergency once a week though, you may need to reevaluate what is a good time for you to play. I will say, you should get a 10-15 min time out if you leave/abandon after the match is over, but I am not saying you should be getting a day long ban for missing a single game. This is really about repeat offenders. I realize it is unrealistic for most people to not miss a single game. You have to go out of your way to never miss a game, but it isn’t hard to think hey, the kids get home from school or out of school in 30 minutes, maybe I should just watch some tv or surf the internet for a bit because I don’t have time for a game, or oh man, tornadoes, maybe I shouldn’t start up a competitive game(surf the internet and keep an eye on the damned weather you fool!).

Asking an automated system to determine if your specific emergencies or issues are worth getting flagged is ridiculous. Just make sure it isn’t happening often and you will likely be fine.

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