How to FIX Luck in Borderlands 3! (To Developers)

I feel like the Casion DLC missed an oppurtinuty to make LUCK an amazing stat.

I just had a fun idea that would end all this “LUCK is useless” conversation the community is having. Why don’t we do this:

If you open a Chest or Box and something dropped due to your LUCK stat, then have the word “LUCKY!” show up on screen for 2 seconds… Even when playing a slot or something.

So this way you know it’s because of the Luck stat, the loot was increased… but don’t stop it there. When looking at Item Stats, there could be a “Clover” icon next to a stat which means that stat was increased or added at drop because of your LUCK stat.

Just a thought but this would be so good at showing players how “lucky” they are.


That sounds like a cool idea! Honestly, I think luck really does need at least some form of transparency on what it actually does. There’s so much conflicting information on it, like some have said it actually negatively affects drops instead of boosting them, and even then how much it boosts is entirely unknown and possibly irrelevant.

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