How to fix Mayhem 2.0

Dear Gearbox,

I played through the whole Borderlands series, all DLC and characters up to now.
A clear fact is that you somehow messed up with the current state of the game, so I will suggest below a few things to fix it along with future updates.

General priorities:

  1. Stop playerbase spreading to allow reliable Matchmaking.
  2. Get rid of silly modifiers nobody uses or enjoys anyway.
  3. Balance Mayhem weapon anointments.
  4. Make the ride enjoyable for everybody (last but not least).

Issues and suggestions:

  • 10 Mayhem levels splitted between Normal and TVHM is way too much.

At some point you will increase level cap, this would be the perfect time to REDUCE the number of Mayhem levels, without players complaining they loose hard-earned gear.
Example: Add 7 more levels, capping at level 64 => leave only 3 Mayhem levels active, so current maximum gear “L57 +M10” is replaced by “L64 +M3”.
Players would gain more firepower only through additional character levels/skills, which should be manageable and would also fit in possible skill tree expansions.

  • Most modifiers are fun-killers.

Disable completely modifiers in “Normal” mode, keep them in TVHM. We only unlock Mayhem at the end of a Normal playthrough, so it doesn’t make much difference on progression.
Get rid of awful modifiers that ruin elemental builds or cut down player damage, add more “fun” modifiers like “low-gravity”, “time flows as fast as you move”, etc. or game-changers like “shields are replaced by armors”, “shield and health are swapped”, etc.

  • Some anointments are useless and some are nearly overpowered.

Rescale ALL anointements to +50% / +100% damage, random type on weapons (one can pick matching or different 50% element, or +100% non-elemental damage).
Allow a “reroll” of anointments at Crazy Earl’s shop, at the cost of Eridium (gear has to be anointed to be rerolled). Or allow to swap anointments from selected to target weapon, destroying the weapon with picked anointment in the process.
Tie anointments to Mayhem levels. At M1, nobody “needs” much more damage, and it would be suitable to move such in later M3+ levels.

  • Nobody enjoys to fight invincible enemies.

The worst moments in Borderlands 3 are when in the middle of a combat, the enemy goes immune to anything for 10-30 seconds, still damaging us, while there is absolutely NOTHING to do except running away.
Make it so they are immune from only 1 side, and are slowed down. shooting them from behind or sides should stop the immune phase, as Amara’s grasp stops anointed militants.
Make it so a player in FFYL attracts enemies, or even summons enemies when downed in the fights where there is only an immune boss.
Your best at immune phases was in DLC1 - Handsome Jackpot final boss, where robots spawn at the start of immune phase, while the boss stops attacking. Still not enjoyable, but at least fair.

  • Power creep is coming whatever happens.

You included a supposedly “infinite” damage increase through Guardian Ranks. It takes time for everybody to get there, but ultimately, that is already +gun damage, +fire rate, +critical, +elemental, … mutliplied by something under 1%, but all stacking up without limit.
Players complaining the game is too easy can disable this system anytime and get the fresh challenge, there is no need to make new weapons more powerful than olders.
Worse, when new items such as the OPQ assault rifle or Yellowcake launcher have such a high gap in damage compared to others, it feels worthless to farm anything else, which makes your game repetitive as a result.
Keep in mind your initial motto of “bazillions” of guns, and make them enjoyable. I’d really like to use guns that have legs and run after ennemies, guns that push enemies away, guns that say me funny things, etc., but none match the damage standards for current endgame.

Closing words
I hope this somehow helps improving the game. I enjoyed BL1, 2 and TPS, and moved to BL3 with high expectations. The last updates where kind of disappointing, further increasing existing issues or creating new ones, unfortunately, after your noticed efforts towards game balance.

For other players going through this post:

  • sorry for the long read, thanks if you took the time.
  • I may update with other suggestions if you have some, feel free to add up.

They won’t read this. Send it through a support ticket.

And then don’t hold your breath.


How to fix Mayhem 2.0? Scrap it…


Revert to before Mayhem 2.0. Fixed :slight_smile:

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Yea i also enjoyed the old Mayhem 4 days…

it seems like as soon as they introduced Mayhem 2.0, with 10 levels and said people is not expected to jump to Mayhem 10 immediately… well guess what that is exactly what everyone did LOL…

you can’t blame them for it though, who wants to farm the same gun 5 or 6 times if people really had to go from 5->6->7->8->9->10 LOL… so this idea is flawed to begin with.

Fix Mayhem? Can’t be done. The whole concept of modifiers as a difficulty setting is fundamentally flawed and can’t be fixed.

How to fix the game?

  1. Scrap Mayhem in it’s current form entirely.
  2. Fix the core game without Mayhem. Get the gameplay fixed, get the skills fixed, get the loot properly balanced, make the core game work.
  3. Develop and add in end-game content that does NOT change the core game, core playbalancing, does not alter skill viability, makes no alterations to the now fixed and working core game at all.

If they want to add in a Mayhem system with gameplay modifiers then that needs to be treated as an entirely separate system that has no effect on the core game. That means no changes to skills or weapons to adjust for Mayhem, Mayhem modifiers must be adjusted and playbalanced to work with the core game. Mayhem modifiers should be able to be individually selected with an option for Random Modifiers IF the player wants them randomized. No loot should be locked behind Mayhem levels, and Mayhem levels should have no effect on how viable loot is. Mayhem should be like a post-game toybox to play with, an add-on, not a core mechanic that the game revolves around.

That would be a good start of really fixing this game.

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Pretty much this Haha

actually a good example of this would be the “Mythic” system in WoW. Not sure if you guys played WoW before but, when you switch a dungeon to “Mythic” mode, there will be different modifiers in place. The higher the mythic + levels, the better the loot, the deadlier the combinations of modifiers there are… well blizzard calls it “Affixes” instead of “Modifiers” but essentially same thing.

Sorry for reference Blizzard games again i can’t think of anything else that relates lol…