How to fix Rakk Commander + Other

The issue I have with some of Fl4k’s mods are skill selection on some mods and legendary effect on others. Rakk Commander Class Mods are probably the worst offenders in both areas.

Firstly, both the Rakk Commander and Red Fang mods boost the exact same 3 skills which is really annoying. I have no idea why that is even a thing, I can understand doubling up on 1 skill, but all 3?

Next, the skills that are boosted by both these mods are currently underwhelming due to them dealing with pet damage and no skills that deal with pet utility which would be somewhat more appreciated than things like Ferocity and He Bites! (Skills like Hive Mind or Pack Tactics).

For Rakk Commander speifically I would have chosen completely different skills to boost than the ones on the mod now.

Grim Harvest This skill literally deals with Rakk damage. As a Rakk Commander, it makes sense to use skills that buff Rakks in some way, damage is a good way to go. This skill hands down should have been on this mod.
Interplanetary Stalker Mainly for the same reasons above. This is one of the few skills that actually modifies the damage of your rakks in some way. Yes it’s on another mod, but doubling up on 1 skill, as long as it makes sense, isn’t a problem.
Hidden Machine Also deals with overall damage, thus modifying the Rakk damage, sadly there’s reports of the skill not working properly, but if it did work, it’d be great.

So yeah, those are the 3 skills that I feel should have been boosted by Rakk Commander.

Next up is the Legendary effect; It is technically not a bad effect, but the fact that it’s an anointed effect that can spawn on almost anything, really cheapens the effect and makes it a bit “meh”. Nothing special. I think that if it had to keep the whole extra charge thing it should have been more charges than you can get from an anointed piece of gear (2+ charges) and definitely should have had another effect tacked on.

If I had to choose a Legendary effect befitting the title of the mod, I’d make it so the mod allows you to use another Rakk Augment (so 3 augments instead of 2).

For Red Fang I think it has a decent effect, andwould ust haveliked for it to deal with Pack Tactics rather than “He Bites” or “Eager to Impress”.

So do you guys agree with my issue with Rakk Commander? If so, how would you go about making it a more unique and desirable mod which invokes the sense of being a Rakk Commander?

Do you think the Rakk Commander Mod needs to be changed/buffed?

  • Yes
  • No

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He Bites is a perfect choice for Red Fang. It gives the pet, which is drawing all the aggro from mobs, an extra 15% damage reduction and reflects the damage enemies do back at them. It is, depending on enemy type and difficulty level, the most potent damage increase FL4K can get for the pets. Ferocity scales the damage done by He Bites, and considering Red Fang directs all enemy attacks to the pet, it’s a sizable damage and survivability increase, especially against badasses.

Definitely agree on Rakk Commander. Why they made a Red Fang mod with a Rakk Attack anointment its own class mod is something I’ll never understand. I don’t mind the legendary effect since it saves you an anointed slot on your gear if you want it for something else, but the skills it boosts are very silly. Grim Harvest should definitely be on the COM.

It should at least have a secondary legendary effect like the bounty hunter and Friendbot. Something like “Rakk become 50% larger” so they have a larger AOE.


Honestly +1 Rakk Charge is really underwhelming. Compared to every other Legendary Mod, its like they couldn’t even bother to be creative and do something different. At endgame, Rakk cooldown is practically non-existant, making the legendary effect (and Eager to Impress) even more superfluous.

'The skill buffs are even lamer, with 2 of them being totally irrelevant for Rakk builds (which generally go Stalker/Hunter to get TPW and Grim Harvest. Totally agree with buffing Grim Harvest. Interplanetary Stalker would obviously be nice as well, though the Stalker already does that too.

TBH, the Rakk Commander’s value lives or dies on its legendary effect. That’s because skillwise, they cannot make it too DPS oriented (Fl4k already has 3 such COMs), nor can they make it pet focused (otherwise it wouldn’t be Rakk Commander) - and boosting Rakk damage can only go so far. They needed to give it a really strong special effect which either massively increased damage per Rakk, or provided huge survivability/crowd control. Which it accomplishes none of these right now.

  1. % chance to send out free rakk upon criting an enemy.

  2. Rakk Attack can be cast while shooting.

  3. Prismatic Rakk: +100% chance to Shock Shields, Melt Armor.

  4. Casting Rakk Attack reloads Fl4k’s current weapon.


For the Com modification I agree with the skills to boost, as for the modifier, I would say it should:

Rakk Attack gains 2 extra Rakks.

So you can have up to 6 Rakks attacking if specced right. This will also suffentiently boost damage/healing/ and even cryo damage if selected.

PS: we get extra rakk attack from anointed items anyway, and most the time it doesn’t even add the 3rd charge unless you consistently re-equip items including Rakk COmmander.


I agree that the Rakk Commander mod is just a mess and the extra effect needs to be completely changed. But pertaining to Fl4k’s other pet mods, I don’t think these should necessarily be changed, I think they need to address the underlying issue of improving the skills being affected.

Example: buff Ferocity to give a 25% boost to damage pet point; increase Hive Mind to 7.5% per point; triple the bonus from Eager to impress. This would make these skills actually useful and so a bonus to them would become something to build around.

I agree but I also want to add friend bot mod also has a bad effect. It should be a natural thing and isn’t mod worthy.

I’m actually pretty cool with the Friend-Bot mod; it’s one of my favorites. The ability to Res a pet by killing something is really valuable. The skills it boosts are great.

@jbow2020 that’s a good suggestion too. Adding more rakks per charge would be a good effect as well since it accomplishes the same thing (damage buff) while keeping in-theme.


I would love if the friendly bot mod and the red fang mod were combined into one. It would make pets a lot more viable.


I think its really valuable but it should be a skill in the master tree like it can replace the blue capstone or something.

@TexasC4 I actually really like that idea

You could get 5 or even 6 charges of rakk with the help of this com AND anointed gear… but this is only cool on paper because

  • A: rakk cooldown is hyper fast anyway
  • B: for some inexplicable reason the rakk cast’s recovery animation takes half an eon, so they cannot be spammed. You legitimately get a new cooldown before you finish sending them all out.
  • oh, and C: the extra charges like to bug out and not show up :roll_eyes:
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You can literally combine them with Gamma burst, its been posted here before but Launch Gamma Burst with Redfang, switch to Friend Bot and you have both :slight_smile:

(effect lasts until you change map)

Edit for link:

This is awesome! Thank you!

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So I found the Rakk Commander mod and it had a near perfect Jakob’s roll on it: 45% Jakobs Crit, 31% Pistol Damage. I am pretty excited about that so I start trying to look for a build that goes with Rakk Commander. This, of course, results in the discovery of how much this mod sucks. I am now sad that the Jakob’s roll is pretty much wasted on this mod.

Is there any type of viable build that goes with this mod?

The problem is not the builds, it is the mod itself. It is an anointment on a mod, and to be honest, an underwhelming anointment which made case and point, an underwhelming mod.

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Nope. Any build you use it with would be infinitely better with a Red Fang.

If you want to use a Rakk Build, you actually have a bunch of options. The best two in most situations are the Cosmic Stalker and Rakk Pakk, but you can also easily use Bounty Hunter, Deadeye, and even Friendbot.

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What a waste of a Jakob’s roll. Ah well. Thanks guys.

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Are you PS4?

Yep. Same name as my forum. I have been running a Gamma Burst Fl4k. Doing well enough in M2. I could probably go up to M3 comfortably.

I seem to remember discussing this in another thread but R4kk Commander should have 3 red skills to boost, maybe 2 red and one green. I voted for Grim Harvest, Galactic Shadow ( i know its a 1 point skill but could still boost it, look at redistribution) and Turn Tail and Run or Furryous Attack.
I could keep the extra charge special, especially now with all the ASE annointments that are way more powerful than an extra charge, so being able to just get an extra charge without the cooldown reduction like the augment would be ok.
But i still would vote for a different special, using a 3rd augment would be cool but then everyone would just run R4kk Open a Cold One, which is just cryo R4kks. So why not give R4kks a different element proc with R4kk Commander. I like the shock one, being able to strip shields with R4kks would be cool