How to fix Stop-Gap exploit without nerfing anything

For sure Gearbox will do something about the invincible combo of using a low level Stop-Gap with anything that can refill its shield very fast.
To prevent future “farm low level items” breaking the game and so that Gearbox doesn’t have to balance items around it, here’s a simple fix.

Once a character reaches level 50, any items that aren’t equal or greater than 45 become level 45 while in possession of the level 50. The items would still be their low level but give level 45 stats/effects.
In other words, you have a level 5 item in the bank you saved for an alt. You hit level 50 and decide to try it out. The item becomes level 45 once you take it out of the bank. If you later decide to put it back, it goes back to its original level. If you trade it to someone else, it will be its original level.
If you are somehow using level 44 or lower items when you hit 50 they all become level 45 as long as they are on you or in your bag. If you trade/bank them they revert to their original lower level.


it is fine, you are trading moze splash damage potential for survivability (you can get killed by your own splash damage.

plus it exist also in borderlands 2, glass tank builds, although those builds work for all (except gaige).

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Becoming god mod is fine? What are you smoking. It’s not survivability it’s permanent invincibility for doing nothing but wearing the right(not intended) gear combo.

you can call it an exploit if you want, but i don’t think they will nerf it.

If it was permanant invincibility there would be no inherit risk of death, like this a simple splash from an the oger can kill it, getting too close to a barrel, being hit by katagawa ball’s rockets, gravewards green blobs, and other random maliwan melee attacks. Its not like its a hard thing to balance around anyway as theres already things that ignore healthgate throughout the game. And to add to this, it drops off a large portion of her damage potential. Its decent but its not great either

Or they could just put a 10 second refresh on the Stop-Gap.


Yeah, the same way as Re-Charger has (20s).

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If it was permanant invincibility there would be no inherit risk of death

The shield makes you immune to damage for 5 seconds. You cannot die to barrels, rockets or anything. The guy is standing there trying to look at the loot while being bombarded by all the mobs still alive. What exactly ignores healthgate? What can kill you in 1 hit while above 50% HP if you’re immune the moment you get hit once. I’m not talking about using the high level Stop-Gap but the low level version. That is the exploit.
My suggestion is to prevent possible future exploit of low level gear that wasn’t intended to interact with high level ones. So that Gearbox doesn’t need to balance an item around that making it weaker in case someone decides to break it.

Why do I care? So that we don’t get items nerfed because of people finding exploit using cominations that shouldn’t be possible in normal conditions. You are realistically not supposed to be using level 1 gear at level 50.

Why would you want a nerf to any item because of a broken interaction between a low and high level when you could just remove said interaction and not having to nerf anything.

EDIT: I’m not talking about the Transformer combo used to get to the boss.


Which by itself isn’t a great interaction either; (transformer) which is at as high of risk of catching some nerf darts, by only taking the ability of its predecessor - where extra shock damage beyond full shield threshold will result in damage to the health bar - which would make the “single chuck fill up” impossible

What your proposing will easily make all gear relevant up to max level at all times - which i can see being an issue to gearbox.

There will be other interactions throughout the game that will end up with players having complete immunity for 1 reason or another that gb overlooks - only problem this would show its Zane gets left out due to his own built-in health regen properties (much like gaige)

By far, the easiest way i can see it being “nerfed” is to simply make a 7 seccond delay built into the shields invincibility mechanism, leaving Moze to join Gaige and Zane in being the only ones unable to do this

I would personally rather see the bloodletters ability changed to something that complements Moze and moves its own ability into the deathless artifact - in itself fixing the issue as a whole, and allowing other players to utilize deathless builds aside from moze - but not before moze herself has some other form of health regen in her kit.

Other classes can, with some work, chain the immunity of the shield (by filling it back up within 5 seconds). Adding a CD would remove that option. I don’t mind if you have to actually play to refill the shield in time instead of getting it refilled in half a second while doing nothing. Yes nerfing it by adding a CD is the easiest and fastest way to fix it but then you change how the item can be used. Doing that also doesn’t stop future low level interactions from being abused. It will give Gearbox more leeway on creating new gear if they don’t have to worry about making sure said new gear isn’t broken if a player tries using a low level version. Hence my suggestion. I think level 45 stats is about right for being level 50. Most players won’t be using lower level gear on average. The only low level items that I could see benefiting from a change like this would be artifacts, COMs and possibly shields & grenades. In the event you didn’t find a better higher level item then you get the benefit of using a level 45 version of the same item until you can get better drops.

It’s a win-win situation. Items don’t need to be nerfed and there’s a possibility of getting a spike buff when you hit level 50.

Ok I’ll just outright ask; if we don’t have pvp why do we care if our teammate can’t die? Saves me from the ''Revive, run to cover to shoo…revive, turn around, REVIVE!"

Stupid simple fix for this. Just don’t allow the stop-gap to spawn below a certain level that allows the health regen to completely refill it via bloodletter / Artifact regen combo. Or bump up the capacity on it.

Its a PvE game, let people play how they want. I dont use exploits or save files, but why do you care that much about it?? Enjoy your game, and let everyone else enjoy it their way.

Its really not needed; choosing to be nearly indestructible has its downsides - moze loses alot of damage running it; IB has extremely lower health; 95% of deaths are the players fault (100% if you wanna be nitpicky).
It basically turns her into a gammaburst pet :sweat_smile:

I’ve tried it, many different ways; and honestly aside from ion cannons & tediore chucking, it cant keep up with the other builds - even those can be done better with blastmaster and mindsweeper respectively