How to Fix the Pendles Marquis Match-up

Marquis picking reveal makes it almost impossible for Pendles to contribute or have fun the entire match. It’s not fun, it can’t be countered very well (destroy an owl, and he’ll have two more by the time you’re done) it just turns the match into a 4v5.

A good solution would be:

A. The owls only reveal someone when they target them for an attack,
B.The owls destroy themselves after revealing someone who is cloaked, giving Marquis the choice of occasional reveal or using the owls to attack people.

Btw, I’m a master of Pendles and a master of Marquis for reference.

@JoeKGBX @Jythri Thoughts guys? The Pendles vs Marquis match-up makes picking Pendles a very bad idea. It’s a gamble to pick Pendles, since it’s very likely he’ll be almost useless.


As someone who plays Pendles quite a bit, probably a top two character for me, the match-up is fine.

It’s not Pendles best match up but it’s not his worst. If you encounter a really good Marquis, then they should get credit for being that good with a character. Is it an annoyance? Yes. Does it take you out of the game? Only if you let it.


Isn’t this the point of counters though?


The mere presence of Pendles makes it almost impossible for Melka, Thorn, Alani, Miko, Orendi. Renya, and probably others to have any fun in the entire match, so too frickin’ bad. Maybe Pendles should just be removed from the game entirely?


If Pendles can touch you while you’re playing Orendi, Thorn, and especially Mellka then you’re not moving enough, or doing something wrong. I don’t think a Pendles has ever touched me as them. Even when I’m not them it’s usually me killing the Pendles then the other way around


All Pendles does is wait until their escape skill is on cooldown, and then strike. If they are wounded at all, they will be killed almost instantly.

That speaks more to your skill over those particular Pendles than the match up overall. In general, characters that depend on high mobility and have low health are easy targets for someone who can sneak around invisible and has high damage with an effective slow.

Although, I would take Orendi off that list. She qualifies having low health and requiring mobility, but she comes with a reveal herself that’s very effective against Pendles.

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For a good pendles those characters regularly very easy to kill besides mellka without the more slow time on injection

I’m never on the ground or standing still long enough to get touched. And with Reyna, Miko, etc. many other assassins can do the same thing and/or better too

Orendi’s reveal nullifies (lol) Pendles as said by yall, and Mellka is rarely on the ground without sliding, and Thorn should always be jumping but I guess pre 7 you could get her. Past 7 and with her self push back with quick melee it’s much more difficult though

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I’ve never had trouble with Pendles as Mellka, most of the time I’m far too twitchy and entrenched in the front line for Pendles to get at me.

On the subject of Marquis however, I do think the owl’s reveal radius shouldn’t go through walls. That’s my only grudge with the owls.


LoS on the owls to highlight, then as is thereafter.

How is it easy to kill a character that moves twice as fast as you while you are revealed? Yeah, it’s easy to kill them when they are not at max health but that goes for almost every single character.

On-Topic, the reveal of Marquis is ridiculous. Not a single character can ruin a game for another character entirely. Marquis can make games 4v5, that shouldn’t happen.

Sometimes when I play Toby, I get matched up against an entire team of characters I hate playing against as Toby, but I can still do a decent job. I can still kill minions, help push, do whatever Penguins in mech suits do… But with Pendles, it’s just not the case. You can’t do ANYTHING about them yourself. You can ask your teammates to go hunt owls, but that makes the game worse for them too. And Marquis can hide them behind walls too.

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Doesn’t everyone need a hard counter?
This is a good balance. It also relies on someone picking marquis AND reveal. I’m also certain that pandles doesn’t need to be cloaked to contribute.

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Personally, I don’t think a game of chance should have hard counters.
Soft Counters, sure, but when you’re stuck with that character for the next 30 minutes…

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Sadly, this is incorrect. Having a kid Ultra on your team that puts a drone on a teammate character with stealth totally ruins that stealth characters game, as the drone will always remain visible, even when the teammate uses stealth.

This is almost worse as it’s your own teammate ruining your game :confused:

More related to the topic though, I would agree that the owls should not be able to reveal through walls. It should be line of sight.

Yes I was wrong.

Only one character can ruin a game for another character exactly, and sadly Pendles is always the one getting hurt. We all know he doesn’t deserve that. Peddles has his rights too!*


Every character needs a nemesis imo.
Marquis might make Pendles no fun per say, but going up against a Pendles without a Marquis is equally as frustrating. Only a few characters are able to reveal him but not nearly as effectively as Marquis.

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I don’t understand how this ruins the game for a Pendles. Stay away from the owls and build stuff for experience. Get behind people so they can’t see you are revealed? Have some teammates take out the owls.

Pendles can’t be allowed to just be an invisible monster all the time.

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It’s frustrating, but also not impossible to beat. Every character should have some counters, but this is rendering a char useless.
Going up against a Pendles without Marquis is not frustrating. It’s fair. T_T

I mean, take level 10 Pendles for example. He can have wound on his ult. When you play Miko, that’s frustrating. But you can play around it. Mainly by running away, waiting for his ult to end. It’s hard to stay alive near him with the wound. BUT you can still run away, and get away from his ult safely.
Peddles however, can’t do ANYTHING against Marquis’ owls. The team also can be in a spot that they can’t hurt the owls whatsoever. Which means that Pendles can’t engage in combat in any way, because there is an owl. He is 100% useless. He also can’t use one of his skills anymore, Smokebomb. He can use it, but the skill is wasted because he will instantly be out of cloak again.

It’s quite hard to stay away from something that is behind a wall, and that you NEED to get past to destroy buildables and actually be useful for your team…
Hell yeah! Just build some stuff, the entire game long! :smiley: :slight_smile: :neutral_face: :frowning: :sob:

Turning a game into a 4v5 is not a simply a counter, or a nemesis. It’s called broken.

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If a game is 4v5 it’s because someone left. Not because Marquis makes it hard for pendles to destroy everything and kill everyone without being seen.