How to fix the support frigates and repair corvettes

Any news? =)

None yet, The first patch went out for the game but I’d expect that they’re focusing on fixing game-crashing bugs prior to pushing out the Mod tools. It’ll come in time. :smiley:

They have released the first mod tools. Check out HODOR. [EXAMPLE] Ships #1

HW1 classic big decrypter (already mentioned elsewhere)

Repair Bots a la Cataclysm would do the trick nicely.

Corvettes launch 4 and Drone/Support Frigates launch 6.

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Even though they didn’t have the code for Cataclysm there were some nice game features that I would have liked to have seen make a showing in this game from a interface point of view that is.

An interesting workaround idea of yours sort of like latching missiles. which deliver love and hugs instead of fiery death :slight_smile:

So had a potentially relevant idea a couple of weeks ago in regards to the Support craft issues. Unfortunately it would really only be helpful for Homeworld 3 if they make one.

Repair Drone Frigate.

It sends repair drones to ships it’s been tasked with guarding. They more ships its guarding the less its able to heal, which should help balance it.