How to "fix" Trials?

I don’t know how to express WHY I don’t like Trials, but I just don’t. Really cool in concept, like a mini-Take Down, but unlike Takedowns they are VERY unrewarding for the time commitment.

I think my issue could probably be summed up with

  1. Not enough incentive/rewards.
  2. Not enough novelty/excitement.

What would make them worth my time would be;

  1. More exclusive drops from non-End Boss sources. Like, have a few sprinkled mini-bosses here and there that drop something unique. Maybe 1 mini-boss per section for a total of 3-minibosses + 1 End Boss. Now, if I don’t want anything from the End Boss, it might still be worth my time to potentially get something from the first/second/third rooms.

  2. End Boss loot NEEDS to be better. Tink of Cunning has my favorite drop from the trials, and one of my favorite mods, yet going through the whole trial and not getting the item is so disheartening. I’d like it if they had multiple GOOD dedicated/unique drops. And also have higher drops for those items depending on how many of the trial challenges you complete (so like +5% drop rate per challenge for like a 50% drop rate for a dedicated drop if you get everything).

  3. A NEW CHALLENGER APPEARS! This just means that at any point during the Trial there’s a small random chance of a very rare enemy spawning. I was thinking on the lines of Vermi, but it doesn’t have to be that extreme just something that would cause excitement if/when it happens. It could be as simple as having a small chance of a Rare Spawn rarely spawning into the Trial and having a higher chance for their drops or something.

  4. A Raid Boss. I know that the Trials are supposed to be quick 30-minutes-or-Less ordeals but the chance at a Raid Boss would definitely get me playing Trials. Seeing as how Wotan is taken down by some people in less than a couple of minutes, I don’t think it’s a tall task to get a Raid Boss up in there and have it be fairly quickly if using a top-tier end-game build.

What are people’s thoughts on the Trials? How would you make them better? What would make you want to run them over and over and have fun?

Personally, I like them fine just the way they are. I suspect the main difference between my view and yours, however, might simply be the way Mayhem scaling works? If M10 (for example) did what a lot of folks have been asking for and had more enemies with new or challenging combat mechanics/tactics (and dropped appropriate rewards), would that go at least some way to addressing your concerns? I’d honestly rather keep raid bosses for actual raids than have the trials converted to more raid-like challenges.