How to fix Zane in three easy steps

Appart from the obvious bug fixing required, Zane need quite a few tweak to be really … efficient.

Not much is needed though :

For his support build (shield tree) : Give him a talent take make him ignore cryo immunity : Obviously if a whole tree is about cryo, having ennemies immune to that, ans especially annointed, is ■■■■■■■■.

Make his kill skill work while in FFYL (Honnestly, the game is currently balanced around the fact we need to use it more often that’d we want to) and even activate while he fall in FFYL (Might add this to a talent in the kill skill tree)

For the rest of his build : Make the current ultimate of the Kill Skill tree, meaning that the kill skill activate when Zane use an ability, a baseline effect on Zane, and this for multiple reasons :

  • All his ultimate are currently made to buff his ability (and to make them scale with your equipement) : We need the exact same thing for the drone

  • Zane rely mostly around kill skill, and those are unreliable without this talent on any enemy that matter (boss, annointed). It make building Zane for M3 quite dependant on this talent, especially for solo

  • Kill skill don’t activate on friend kill in multi, meaning this talent is often the only way to activate said kill skills

it’s going to take a lot more than that, lol. a significant portion of his skills either do not work at all, aren’t as strong as the description states or do not work as advertised.


His 8 second cool down on duct tape mod feels underpowered as hell, meanwhile moze players cry about not having unlimited grenades anymore just 1 new /2secs


Each of the four vault hunters has its own unique kill skills.

  • their difference
  1. Zane has advantages not found in other characters, one of which is that you can activate your kill skills freely for AS.
  2. For the other three VH’s skills, effect is stacked for each kill.
  3. Zane has only two stacking kill skills: Synchronicity and Supersonic man. The stack limit is 2 and you need to activate two AS simultaneously.

Zane gains a power spike when the kill count is between 0 and 1!
And as the kill count exceeds 2 and increases to 3 or 4, the damage graph of the other 3 people grows in the upper right direction. But Zane’s power graph stays straight to the horizon, maintaining a constant altitude.

Fixing bugs where his skills are not working is paramount, and if that isn’t enough, his kill skills should be stackable.

I be happy if his skills worked as described…or you know, just worked…

How to fix Zane in three easy steps:

Easy see I already fixed it for you.
PS.Not even joking.

Let the clone actually do the same damage I do with the same weapon. All of my Zane’s damage buffs should also apply to the clone as well.

It’s ridiculous that the clone does 1/4 the damage that I do, definitely not worth the investment in that tree.

If you really wanted to fix zane you would give him fade away as one of his skill trees. Fl4k is a beastmaster not an assassin so replace his fade away skill tree with a pet tree that revolves around Ensnaring enemies. Skills that alow pets to apply elemental dmg to ensnared enemies and skills to boost your damage output vs enemies ensnared. Something like 150% dmg 200% crit to baddies you command your pet to ensnare. His pets would also need a buff.

Zane becomes a cheeky assassin with gadgets and fl4k gets a whole lot more interesting as his pets would no longer be vanity.

How to fix Zane in 1 step

Add alcohol pickups… >.>

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The only viable build for zane in the end game is his Zippy-Zane build, where he’s just raw movement speed incarnate. It’s honestly a great build for the fun of it and for its great damage output (though the phrase “Glass Cannon” is an understatement).

There Is 0 other build, not like Fl4k or Moze because some part of them was so f***ing broken that nothing else could compare, but because everything else is so underwhelming that his best alternative is a heaping helping of reghretti spaghetti if you sink time into any other paths.

Even with the buff- digiclone is best used as some extra HP and grenade tossing (doesn’t live long enough for jack squat with the end game, even if you waste 3 grenades). Literally cannot survive long enough for Zane to Old-U it, and the ability can be FFYL interrupted

Sntnl’s cryo is ok-ish, but overall not enough. Missiles still do jack all tbh, and all that’s left is the rad beam which is underwhelming af but you gotta use with zippy-zane because there’s literally nothing else on the tree worth a damn (Maybe the shield recharge if you don’t use the rough rider).

Shield… I mean the little contact buffs are good, but once you pick up the shield they’re useless. FIne, I guess that means it’s a choke point… but the shield has problems with splash damage, and trying to run and gun with it is pointless w/o bubble + deterrence, which just wastes a space with pathetic shock damage and bubble is not worth the 20% time increase TBH.

He’s so close to being worth a damn but it’s all up to movement speed and hope for more buffs.

oh my god stop spreading this BS. zane sub thread has a lot of viable builds of all kinds.