How to get 798 DPS with a level one Alani

Proof that it is possible.

So click bait title aside, this is a fun little thing I tested with my friends @Nemosis327 and @EdenSophia regarding Comeback King.

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So with gear choices I made myself have a shield capacity of 2. I had Kid Ultra use a drone on me with the shield recharge from his level two helix just as started Caldarius started shooting at me.

There is a mechanic in the game where if something procs your shield to recharge other than it’s natural shield recharge delay, your shield will continue charging for a brief moment even if you take damage. By having 2 shield it means that my shield will fully recharge in no time and Comeback King will be ready to trigger again. Effectively recreating the Flame of the Firehawk shield from Borderlands 2.


It’s even more amusing from your point of view. Poor Caldarius.


Just got to wait for Nemo to upload his side of it. He said he recorded it.

well… if this spreads I bet most melees will have a hard time… :neutral_face:

just took a look, found enough items to try this, found several items with -140 shield, 2 of these and you could adapt this to every character (well, kleese could be difficult) regardless of eldrid or not (basically 20 shield).

Looks fun! ^^

Well, nobody will have this at level 1 anyway 'cause not only you have to have the legendary activated, but all other gear items too (if they are not discounted white ones).

And it’s only viable vs squishy and fast attack characters at melee range and in the first half of a match. So there is no need to be afraid of this combo in normal matches.

But I can see this being good as a wave clearing option in meltdown or incursion if the minions focus the fire on you. ^^

Goddamn, Alani.

Lmao! Nice man… stuff like this is cool.

I’m actually surprised Comeback King doesn’t have an internal cool down. Good find.

Don’t give any ideas!

Also I’ll post my side of things in a few hours when I get off work. Then I will work on phoebe. Oh phoebe. I can’t wait to see what the raging noobs send me.

In general the practicality of this effect on the comeback King none. It requires to much timing and set up to be practical in a match, but is still no doubt badass.


Does that thing works with deande legendary?

HAHAHA This is awesome, game mechanics for the win !!!


In theory it could. I’ll have to test it out. The only problem is that the min shield you could get with her Is 20. And even if you could make it work it would be much less efficient than just normal shield stacking.

That video has me in tears. I blinked the first time and poor Caldarius was dead. Oh the joy in my laughter for a few seconds.


That could explain how I died 1-2 times with Rath lately. I didn’t pay attention at the enemy gear so I thought I lagged or a game glitch happened.

That’s bs, movie shows only 2 full recharges while Caldy gets at the same time a barage of explosions.
BTW Doesn’t this drone shield recharge initiation suppose to work only the moment it connects to allie? It pretty much looks here like it initiates shield rechage few times in a row instead.
PS It belongs to shenaningans thread :wink:


I already posted another video that Nemo and Eden tested with me there but I could post this as well.

As much as I dislike Borderlands. I am now going to redownload it
Damn you Blaine, Nemo, Eden.


I’d akin it more to Maya’s Backdraft spam. Either solo with a ‘Slow Hand’, or melting raids in a duel. Nice job, and it’s cool to see some BL2 shenanigans are in this game (even if they are highly situational).

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i have done as promised

this is how it looked from my POV

makin me press all these buttons…



Damn, my shield breaking so much there looks awesome.