How to get a silver/gold medal in The Algorithm?

No matter the times I try that level I always end up with a bronze-ish medal, wth am I supposed to do there?
Didn’t encounter such problem with the other mission :frowning: .

Based on score (I believe). Much easier to get with a coop group. Don’t know the exact cut-off, but usually getting around 80000 gets silver. Just make sure you are getting all the pick ups and maximizing the lives you have (ie don’t die and try to earn/find more)

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Ive gotten silver before, 75k score. Never gotten gold sadly.

The standard really does appear to be set too high. Why is it that I get 110k score in one mission, but only as high as silver for the other? Should we blame The Galactic Emperor and ISIC?

There aren’t as many minions, plus there are more parts you are encouraged to rush through, like the gas chambers i. The geoff fight. Most teams do not take out all the enemies or get all the pickups in those rooms.

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I think one major problem that could be fixed is the grading scale. Both missions are graded on the exact same amount of points even though The Algorithm has far fewer enemies and tougher enemies (golems).

Recommended Fix: Grade each mission individually based on an average taken from the scores of testers.

I’ve spent the last couple days on and off trying to get Silver on Algorithm, after getting gold on the other mission on Adv. difficulty. I just now had a run where I solo’d Algorithm on Phoebe (normal, not adv, because fuck isic as melee). I ended the mission completing every bonus objective that appeared, with 13 extra lives and no deaths. I got like 57k score and a bronze rating.

Like, there’s literally nothing else I can even do to get a better rating. I’ve looted every box I can find, killed every enemy – even stalling on Geoff to get extra spawns in his side buildings. Feels suuuuuuuper overtuned to just get Silver.

Sounds like the devs should look at it, especially if trophies are involved to it.

I’ve got the gold medal in this level, but never the purple/elit medal like the other mission

Right, funny thing, I finally managed to have a silver medal, and now I finally understand the secret: just bring the most broken heroes in the team.