How to get a terramorphous item without killing it

It makes one year that I was farming items with my lvl 48 Axton on Mad Dog (chest ones that look like an old car) you can many loots good is when I went to open again WHAT appears to me? BOOOOOOM one terramorphus item to Siren’s what has put I do not have a Siren lvl 49 to use it, and besides you get good loots you have chance to drop one terramorphus item but I think it’s too small for you "unlock "Mad Dog you should make a side quest / secondary mission called Breaking The Bank besides you have chances to drop the Mad Hous (one legendary rifle) you have chance to drop an item from Terramorphus
The location of Mad Dog and the next Death Row Refinery in Lynchwood.
Sorry for some English errors is that I’m Brazilian. :^)

Are you referring to the Pitchfork? That is the only item Terramorphous drops that isn’t exclusive to him and has a very small chance to drop anywhere else. Any randomly generated gun/shield/grenade/class mod has a 1:3333 chance to be Legendary in Normal/TVHM unless you can’t connect to the internet in which case it’d be 1:10000 instead. Chests are slightly better in that mode but not by much.
In top of that, getting a specific Legendary is even less likely.

Dare I say, that’s some “mad” luck.

It sounds like you are saying that you got a Slayer of Terramorphous COM for Maya from a Red Chest in Lynchwood. However , I don’t see how that is possible since IIRC it is only supposed to drop from Terramorphous. @BlackHeartV, do you by any chance know if the Slayer of Terramorphous COM can also be found in Red Chests in addition to dropping from Terramorphous?

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Yeah, I got the same impression from the OP’s post, but all of the “Terramorphous” items only come from Terra. They also implied that the mod was level 49, and you won’t get anything from Terra that’s below 50, so a level 49 Slayer mod is not possible.

I am absolutely certain there’s no way other than fighting Terramoprhous which is why I thought about the Pitchfork as that’d be the only thing possible.
Maybe he confused it for the Legendary Siren COM instead?

Maybe. That is the only thing that really makes any sense, assuming the OP found a Siren COM.

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yep is the slayer of terramorphus bro , It makes one year that I do not play Borderlands 2 is I may have forgotten names of various items

The Slayer of Terra mods only come from Terra. You won’t get them from a chest or any other enemy, but another player could give you one. And they will never be level 49. Terra doesn’t drop anything below level 50.

So if you’re saying that you got a level 49 Slayer of Terra mod from a chest, that can’t happen, for 2 reasons.

Terra is also never below level 50, even in Normal mode.

Unless you traded with him, he needs to be dead. I don’t think Terra is big on trades.

The only method of exchange I’ve managed with him so far is bullets for spews of liquid fire, and even then, it seemed to be more of a haggle than a flat out exchange. I’d call it a hostile takeover of his assets.

All the “Terra” items only drop from Terra. I’ve also never seen a single one below 50.

Perhaps you mistook an under leveled Legendary Siren COM (which has +4s) for a Slayer one, as they may appear the same at first glance.

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Yeah. If it has the word “Terra” in it, it only comes from Terra unless there’s been a glitch somewhere.

raposabadass, You should have taken a picture…

…(I don’t believe you either though :grin: )