How to get above bronze in 'The Archive'?

Tried playing this shet like 6 times, 2 times in a party… got bronze, 3 times on my own and got bronze… with 3 different characters. I don’t understand… this is the only mission keeping me away from unlocking Kleese and it seems undoable moreso with this garbage matchmaking system that doesn’t allow you to choose which map you want to play; havin to force close your game to requeue once more for the chance the map you want is in the 3 random maps.

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I think Its to do with how well you do at escorting minions/robot. I want silver on this too.

Don’t do anything to help the data-minions. No turrets, no traps, no escort. Let them die while you earn somewhere around 35-40k score and then finish the mission. You should end up somewhere around 50k when you’re done, and a silver medal.

Wow that seems… Broken? :laughing:

Here we are doing objectives and they don’t mean ■■■■.

So how do you get the higher score?

Ok thanks

Go as fast as you can trough the story, but open all big chests for bonus points (small yellow balls, which disappear very fast). You gonna get the most of those bonus points after boss fights, so be quick collecting them. If you get many bonus points from a boss match (for example x17), you can ignore the chests, because you just get x3 to x5 out of them I think.

Do the mission a few times trying to collect many of them and try to go trough the mission faster and faster and you will get silver or gold.


Some other said it before: Open chests and collect bonus-points, build traps&turrets and collect teambonus-points after minibosses die :heart:
Also it seems to help if more than 1minion survives and reviving your mates seem to inflict the points too. Using extralifes seem to be a bummer for points.


I’d suggest clearing every point where a big crystal is before even activating chronicle - you’ll want the shards, and things respawn eventually anyway. As others posted, open everything and grab the contents; that includes the large spore things you see - they often contain credits or points. Then escort the minions back, escort chronicle back, don’t die, profit.

Easy … but sad:
Just farm points at the part where you have to escort the data minions to the sentry. Kill only a few enemies and leave enough alive to kill the robots … wait for them to respawn. Rinse and repeat until you have like 30 or 40k worth of points, then finish it and have your gold rating.

We had like 5-10 quite “perfect” attempts on advanced (no sentry dmg, all challenges complete, being quick and whatnot) but all we got was bronze too … then we tried farming at that sequence once and … voila … gold rating. :expressionless: