How to Get Full Game?

My friends recently started to play together again on PC. I had gotten the PS4 version a long time ago. However, I tried to get the PC version on Steam but it won’t let me get it. I have the free version downloaded with some playtime on it, but I can’t get the full game.

Is there anyway I can get the full game to play story mode with them, and not just the pvp modes?

You can purchase the PC version in the Epic Game store. You need to download the Epic Launcher
to access it. Google it.

Thank you! And I did google how to get the full game earlier. All I found were amazon discs, and posts about issues on PS4. Eventually googling brought me here…so. :man_shrugging:

What free version?

I can only get the “Battleborn Free Trial” version of the game on steam. But I wanted to play some of the story mode stuff with them like I used to do on my PS4 when the game first came out. Unfortunately that is locked behind the “Full Game Upgrade” which isn’t selectable now on the steam store.

It looks like it’s available here:

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Thanks, I looked at this earlier but I kind of gave up on it after checking 4 of the retailer options. They had said no longer available. I checked the last two again just in case and it is there. So, thank you!