How to get HODOR?

There are many references to a modding toolkit for the remaster called HODOR and to a “GBXTools” folder in the installation directory, however complete installation does not include folder called “GBXTools” and there is no modding toolkit to be found amongst the extra GOG library downloads or somewhere in the gearbox site.

Is HODOR available to those who brought the game or Gearbox are selling it separately?

HODOR was never sold, it was made available on the steam workshop. I don’t know if GOG users can download it somehow…

Likewise I don’t know how you would get hold of the example ships/asteroid/background unless someone sent them to you or uploaded them somewhere…

Thank you for the information.

This is why i hate Steam distributed games - instead of seeking a way to compensate you for being spied upon they regularly introduce some kind of penalty for those who prefer spyware-free versions.

And yes, you were right, sample ships (or any other Steam Workshop mod) can’t be downloaded legally to because Gearbox explicitly prohibited API downloads for HW:R Workshop items.

Surely having Steam Workshop support and distributing mod tools via it could just as easily fit the definition of “seeking a way to compensate you for being spied upon” as “penalty for those who prefer spyware-free versions”, and the difference is solely a matter of perspective?

Sure it could been seen as a matter of perspective when it is an informed choice. However when Gearbox sold me HW:R license via GOG they forgot to include a warning that there is no official mod support for those who get the game from a place different than Steam. Instead of this they lied, putting the line “Mod support and mod tools” in the description, provided for publishing in GOG. In this situation this is clearly a penalty, and an unfair one by the way.

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Maybe it was a miscommunication somewhere along the line? Because currently GOG doesn’t list any mod support or tools as part of their HW Collection package, but they do list other stuff (wallpapers and videos) as being included.

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Actually click ‘read more’ on the page you linked and it does indeed list ‘Mod support and mod tools’ on the gog page. I still would assume ‘oversight’ rather than ‘punishment’ as Unholy Saint put it, but they’re not wrong about the misleading description .

Ah, didn’t see that - looks like a copy-pasta from the GBX/2K materials, which would be on GOG since it’s their website. I’ll pass a note through to the GBX community manager though.

I’ll try and share a link to a zip of the mod tools, try this:

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Any chance you could post that link again? I need to strengthen the cryotrays because I was a goof, stole a bunch of corvettes from the carrier in mission 2, and ended up having to face 5 frigates in mission 3.

never mind, actually. Found em somewhere else.
Here’s the MEGA link:!VhQwhCKb!U1itMqsQXy3TM7XyDyj4aAO80-tcIsLdNQmyTrhplb0

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