How to get max OPS points?

Okay so… How on earth do you gain OPS points :joy:

Is it connected to the normal Score system?

On my first try I got 41. They mostly come from doing optional objectives I think.

Each time you play though you start with more op points and the max and requirements are higher, 55 max, 40 for reward on second time through.

Optional Objectives?

Optional objectives, and normal score system, I believe.

those little “challenge” popups that you need to do in a limited time. They normally give you uncommon packs or credits, this time around I think they also give you Operation points.

I never got any of the limited time challenges, but when I did the optional objectives I got 10 points each

I was told that those were a part of it. I could be wrong though, it’s not like it’s uncommon xD

Just a tip, if you play something new, never rush the content and observe everything step by step - this will save the time in the future ^^

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From what I’ve gathered, you can get up to 40 points from side objectives, and another 10 points from chests. I could very well be wrong though.

With three people it was quite chaotic and we weren’t sure if there were other sources to get points from except the side objectives and loot.

I do wonder if you need to get all the loot-box points to reach 100… Which… I hope I don’t need to explain why that is bad. (Are they falling for that same thing they did with the base story missions?)

I did a very slow solo run. I got only 14 ops points. I did not see a single challenge pop up (assuming they’re the usual circles that appear in the top-left of the screen.) I’m not even sure what the side objectives were? I did manage to unlock two stashes though, and I found the rest in the coffin-shaped chests.

The Side objectives are things like “Find the secret stash” “Examine the anomaly” “Stop the Boom-Bots” “Build 3 turrets” “Deface Rendain statues” “Destroy the propaganda thingamajoos” and so on. They’re quest objectives, listed beneath your mini-map with the main objective. (Remember to do the side objective before you do the main one!)

I’m struggling to find all the loot box OPS-points - if there’s 10 max, I seem to be missing 2.

Those loot-boxes are always in the same place on the map. At least I got that impression after 5 playthroughs. And I think to get to 100 you will need at least 5 of them, because the max starting points are 55 iirc.

I just found 10 of them. It seems that 7 are in the first objective area (several of them are on the roofs and stuff like that).

They (loot boxes) did change places for me? :hushed:

OK, that’s what I was doing. I just didn’t see that many side objectives pop up. I think I had two “find secret stash” and one “examine anomaly”, but I honestly don’t remember any others. Well, looks like I have a few more runs to go through!

There are always 4 side objectives, some are really “luck based” like - kill a named enemy using a skill. Good luck on not killing it with a primary attack or Attikus stealing it from you ^^.

I think there are like (let’s say) 20 different locations that those boxes can spawn. So when you start a game, only 10 places have boxes and other places are left empty. That’s why you can get an impression that the boxes spawn randomly. But I always get OPS points on the same locations (if the loot boxes did spawn there). ^^

That’s my theory on how it works.

Oh yeah that’s what you meant. Yeah, of course they have to have set places where they spawn, it’s just luck of the draw on where in those set places they do spawn.
I check every spot I’ve noticed they spawn but I feel I’m still missing a few spawn points >:I

I believe they’re not limited time, you just have to do it before the actual objective

100 only gets you a title or a Commander pack. No need to do it 30 odd times, just once and then repeatedly if you want commander packs